10 Pros and Cons of Digital Devices for Kids

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Is it safe for my child to use an electronic devices? It seems that most of the children are using digital devices from an early age. Is that safe? Today digital devices are all the rage into young people, across all ages. Top of the youngest student’s wish lists are tablets, pre-teens thirst for smart phones, and high school students would love to have both including a laptop computer!

Are digital devices plugging experiences of our children that really fuel their creativity  and make them consider the world beyond their surroundings or are they robbing the joys of childhood of our children? Let’s look some of the pros and cons of the digital age since it reflects today’s young people’s developing hands and minds.

Pros of digital devices

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  • Can Help to Stimulate: Electronic devices may help to stimulate the senses and imagination to younger than preschool age children. Some use of them can help to promote the ability of listening, learning sounds, and speech.
  • Improved Cognitive Functions: Digital devices and games may encourage cognitive learning and the development of analytical skills. This can in turn help children make innovative thinking and investigation skills, strategic thinking, and creativity. There are interactive apps, video games, several kinds of challenges and educative programs available on different kinds of devices. Such products will always improve a cognitive efficiency of the child.
  • More Fun for Kids: Children have a lot of fun,  when they are among st technological perks. Also they enjoy the motive and effect that such devices make them cognizant. Whether it’s a simple puzzle game or a race, like Angry Birds or a simple first person shooter game. Games encourage players to move up levels and earn high scores that can help develop mathematical and engineering skills, as well as the motivation to meet target.
  • Socialization & Social Knowledge: Though this argument can go both ways that here is surely a strong element of socialization to many of the apps that young people use, like as Facebook and other social networking tools.
  • Teacher advancement: In order to find ways to effectively implement digital devices in the classroom, teachers are given an opportunity to advance their skills and grow with their students.

Other  possible upside for the social nature of some applications is the potential to social knowledge in the instructional setting.

Cons of digital devices

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  • Satisfaction of Simulated: The very significant impact of children using technology is simulated satisfaction. The virtual world of technology, it’s a video game or a tablet, is all about simulation. So the efficiency and achievements are also into the reign of simulation. A kid is not actually a great archer who excels at virtual archery. A survey by the Kaiser Foundation found that those children spend more than seven hours per day on an electronic device on average. They can use electronics, but don’t know how to tie their own shoes or swim.
  • Health Risks: Children often wear earbuds and headphones, when they using electronic devices such as play apps, games, music, movies and TV shows. The risk of damage eardrum, if the volume is too loud. Also the EPA ensure that computer screens emit low levels of x-ray radiation. And due to enjoying digital devices tends to be a sedentary pastime, children may be more able to weight gain.
  • May Be a Mind-Numbing Distraction: Most of the children are used their electronic devices  to download books, mostly using their electronic textbooks, play apps or watch videos.  Many  argue that actually this technology overload  disconnecting our children – from nature, play and people.
  • Less Sociable: They have less family time. It will be difficult to develop Interpersonal relationships, even they have not many friends. Even they work for social, they may struggle to mingle with kids.
  • Child huntsman: Child huntsman is a problem everywhere. Using digital devices in school, creates more exposure and potential dangers for students. Which is a curse for all parents

On the contrary, a child’s emotions may be slightly cold, they may have totally different range of reactions to real life situations, even they might not feel the need to do particular things that kids should do, for example household chores or participating in something as a family.

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It`s impossible to completely extract digital devices from a child’s life, but there are ways to reduce their negative impacts. Find out the rating of the game and television programs your child wants to use or watch. electronic devices are not set up into the child’s bedroom.

Monitor your child’s consumption of media, including video games, television, movies, and the Internet. What they observe in video games, television program or movies always communicate with your child. Ask them about media they have access to how  they feel and discuss it with them.

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