6 Dangerous Water Borne Diseases We Have To Fight Now

Water is considered to be the source of life also may take life away. However, the study has already shown us that as much as it can be a life-giving livelihood, it could be many dangers too. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported in 2009 that waterborne diseases are the deadliest killers known to humans.

Almost 3.4 million people die every year. It`s not only the water that causes damage also It is polluted and microscopic, which makes it Waterous. Diseases can easily be contracted as well as getting in touch with it. Most of these diseases and deaths befall in developing countries where they do not have penetration to clean water. Here are 6 waterborne diseases that you must be conscious before it occurs.

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Cholera is the major symptom:

In 2013, The Global Health Observatory of the World Health Organization (WHO) mention that, 47 countries reported to WHO 129,064 cases of cholera. 47 percent of this figure comes from America and 43 percent comes from Africa. 1.5 million people die each year worldwide due to this disease.

Cholera is a waterborne disease that affects the intestine called Vibrio Cholerae. Its symptoms are usually hydrolyzed and vomiting that can be dehydration & electrolyte imbalance. It can easily be prevented by using clean & purified water and by several oral vaccines too.


For North America giardia is a most common domestic microscopic parasite. You can find it in almost every animal digestive system- including human. This is the reason of an intestinal beaver fever.  Some major symptoms are Diarrhea, Gas and abdominal cramps.

Drinking & recreational water both of affect by it, for example ponds, stream, pool etc. For pool use the best pool vacuum cleaner which can afford, because you can expand your pool by this microscopic creature. whatever, you do not to worry about these diseases because it can be easily cured and not deadly at all.

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Typhoid Fever:

Typhoid Fever is another example of waterborne disease. It is known by frequent names, for example Gastric fever, stomach typhus, infantile harmful fever, slowing down, nervous fever, and phytogenic fever. Typhoid fever bacteria can spread among poor hygiene and public sanitation conditions, and sometimes fish-fed insects can fly.

It can be characterized by fluctuating high fever, headache, constipation, provocation, vomiting, lack of appetite, abdominal rashes, exhaustion, sleepiness, diarrhea, etc- spread with contaminated food and water or close contact through infected person. Usually this fever continues to peak for three weeks and then bit by bit subsided in the fourth & the fifth week.

The infection of Salmonella & E. coli:

These two bacterial diseases are common, both come from unhealthy conditions, impure water containing infected feces, & meat which has not cooked well. Even our pets can help salmonella spread through their fees. In the meantime, Escherichia coli has a specific strain illness due to toxin production capacity. These two germs present similar symptoms in infected body, high fever, stomach pressure, vomiting, and diarrhea.  In the worst cases of E-coli poisoning, kidney failure may be encountered.

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This disease is the most common cause of diarrhea in people, the Campylobacter jejuni bacteria is the culprit. If you have a serious case of gastroenteritis, then this could be the reason of this bad dude. The C. jejuni bacteria cannot be found only in humans, but it is found in different types of animals.

So, if you kill farm animal which an infected, to purpose of food and eaten its meat either unboiled or narrowly cooked, then you will have a very bad condition to visit the loo or to the hospital. Infected stools may also end up of the water source and the bacteria can be likely harmful to anyone who takes a drink directly from the water.

Hepatitis A and E:

Both of these viruses of Hepatitis are usually found unsanitary environment or contaminated water sources by the trap of an infected person. Once consume these nasties attack causes liver and jaundice vomiting and uneasiness of stomach.

Even it can cause liver failure, the case of Hepatitis E. In this case you may found some vaccines, that can protect against Hepatitis A and other diseases of waterborne, but could be the deadlier Hepatitis E, there are none to prevention. However, both types of the hepatitis virus infection can cause of problems if left untreated.

When the source of water is contaminated by infected people soil, this disease spreads more rapidly. In developed countries, these diseases very rare. Here some of these waterborne diseases, and I can’t explain why you should always drink pollution free water and have a good hygiene?