Asics Gel Cumulus 20 Review – Best Running Shoes

Indeed, there is no better alternative to walking, running, and exercising regularly to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy. Many people use Asics gel cumulus 20 shoes nowadays for jogging and running. Some even use these running shoes sometimes to perform various physically demanding tasks efficiently.

Asics Gel Cumulus 20 Review - Best Running Shoes

The reputable brand Asics manufactures the ultra-flexible fit shoe model leveraging leading-edge technology and a highly refined design, which ensures maximum support and comfort. Give this Asics gel cumulus 20 review a thorough read before buying this particular shoe model.

Asics Gel Cumulus 20 Review

This popular Gel-Cumulus running shoe segment is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary. Hence, the latest model is known as Gel Cumulus 20. Aside from the upper and outer parts, the manufacturer has upgraded the midsole of these excellent running shoes.

Asics Gel Cumulus 20 Review

Noteworthy Features of Asics Gel Cumulus 20

  • ASICS has made optimum use of Impact Guidance System technology to improve the natural gait of a foot to toe-off from heel strike
  • The brand uses genuine top-grade rubber for manufacturing Gel Cumulus 20 model’s sole.
  • Usage of reflective substances to design the upper part of these running shoes in a way to improve visibility during the sunset or low light hours
  • ASICS makes optimum use of the innovative and effective FlyteFoam Propel and Lyte technologies that ensure bounce back and cushioning
  • To make the platform soft and comfy, the manufacturer has employed SpevaFoam 45 lasting material.

To gain a competitive edge, Asics has left no stone unturned this time to craft their current model in a way that offers more comfort and a better responsive ride. Post its launch on the market in a short span of time; Gel Cumulus 20 has earned much popularity primarily because of its exceptional fit.

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Asics Gel Cumulus 20 Modifications

To enhance comfort and fit apart from breathability to a significant extent, the brand ASICS has modified the upper portion of its latest Gel Cumulus 20 running shoes. The manufacturer makes good use of a jacquard mesh fabric with sufficient perforations.

Asics Gel Cumulus 20 Mens Running Shoe
  • More landing surface to fit every foot strike
  • It offers a stable, comfortable, and gentler ride
  • Heel-to-toe movement is smoother
  • Ortholite sock liner and Gel technology
  • It’s lightweight and allows users to run faster
  • The outer part can’t endure much wear and pressure
  • The sole starts to come loose after a few months

The efficient airflow keeps a user’s foot dry and cool besides eliminating odor. To seamlessly accommodate different foot shapes, Asics has made the toe box a bit broader this time. Keep reading this Asics gel cumulus 20 review to become well aware of all Gel Cumulus 20 shoe model updates.

The FlyteFoam Lyte and FlyteFoam Propel technologies have been leveraged for making the updated or 20th Gel Cumulus model. These great technologies are responsible for enhancing responsiveness and offering a more flexible and bouncier ride to users. Wearing this particular pair of shoes will help you enjoy a stable ride owing to the unique midsole geometry.

Also, the midfoot offers full ground contact. The fresh and appealing tread pattern of Gel Cumulus 20 makes it stand out. Many consider it the best women’s shoes for lower back pain.

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Compared to previous Gel Cumulus versions, the current model is far less durable and capable of withstanding wear and tear. The shoe’s outer portion is made using a rubber substance.

The forefoot part of the shoe tends to wear out after a few miles of running. You might also notice the adhesive residue that the manufacturer uses for affixing one component to another. Besides the outsole, remnants are sometimes visible on the shoe’s upper part.

Breathable and Comfortable

Most individuals who jog and run daily to stay fit and healthy prefer wearing Asics Gel Cumulus 20 as it offers optimal comfort and breathability.

Aside from the cloth-like multidirectional stretch mesh, even the seamless design plays an instrumental role in making the shoe breathable and comfortable. A user’s foot stays dry in hot and humid conditions because Jacquard mesh has perforations that facilitate air to flow efficiently.


The latest Gel-Cumulus running shoe model has been crafted in a brilliant way to ensure that it seamlessly adapts to every unique foot shape and ensures an excellent fit. Buy this cool running shoe from a reliable online marketplace and wear it.

You may feel as if the manufacturer has customized the shoe for you. Every time you put on this very shoe, you will find that the front area accommodates the foot effortlessly, and the toe box lets your toes splay.


Everyone who uses Asics Gel Cumulus 20 is well aware of its unrivaled performance. Wear it for long-distance runs as this well-built running shoe delivers an ultra-smooth ride. A user’s underfoot remains protected because of the reactive cushioning.

This particular shoe model’s outer sole offers enough traction on both dry and fairly wet running tracks aside from remarkable elasticity. Besides considering the shoe a go-to companion for daily runs, you can also regard it as one of the best weightlifting shoes for women.


The midfoot of this shoe has a thick overlay, which helps direct a user’s foot into the correct step. The GEL cushioning delivers a smooth and lightweight ride every time. The updated running shoe version from ASICS enables users to have full contact with the running surface.

These shoes will make you feel supported and secure while you run wearing them regularly. The stability of Gel Cumulus-20 is similar to most comfortable men’s shoes for standing all day.


ASICS claims that the responsiveness aspect of Gel Cumulus-20 is more than all other previous versions. However, the truth is that the shoe is fairly responsive.

Certain qualities of this latest model that help it gain an edge over other models are its weight, bounce, and cushioning. Primarily due to the midsole geometry, users can enjoy a remarkably stable ride all the time.

Final Words

Hopefully, this Asics gel cumulus 20 review has helped you become well informed about several updates of the 20th running shoe model from Asics. The updated version is successfully carrying on the Cumulus legacy. This is precisely what people who are fond of GEL-Cumulus running shoes have liked the most.

Without any second thought, purchase this lightweight shoe with a seamless design, great flexibility, and breathability if you want to run short and long distances every day comfortably.