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If keeping time is a crucial component of your daily life, you need a solid watch. And of all varied sorts of options out there, few depend on precision timing as pilots do. The best inexpensive pilot watches are popular options because of their durability and accuracy. 

One of the standout features of the pilot watches is their legible and clean dial. There are no clear criteria that make up an American aviator watch. The pilot wearing it should be easily able to see the numbers at any time and under any weather conditions.

 Best Inexpensive Pilot Watches

You can find pilot watches that have an extra bezel for calculations. What’s more, many of them also come with dual time features which allow them to keep a tab on various time zones. Pilot watches have undergone a great evolution, and nowadays, they come integrated with altimeters and slide rules. 

Inexpensive pilot watches also have the synchronized timekeeping technology, which automatically sets the time as per the time zone. Quite impressively, nowadays, you can find pilot watches without batteries. 

Instead of batteries, they rely on solar energy to function effectively. So here are some of the best inexpensive pilot watches you can buy nowadays.

Top 5 Best Inexpensive Pilot Watches On A Budget

Here’s the 5 best affordable pilot watches to add to your collection. If you are looking for a best budget pilot watch, check out our list below.

1. Stuhrling Original Aviator Watch

The first thing that may come to your mind after seeing this watch is sheer simplicity. Well, it is one of the best affordable pilot watches you can ever buy. The traditional leather band, coupled with a stainless steel dial, makes this a favorite go-to model for any situation.

Stuhrling Original Aviator Watch

Key Features

  • Comes equipped with the Krystema Crystal
  • Highly polished stainless steel case
  • Comprises useful second hand
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet

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This aviation watch from Stuhrling wouldn’t attract lots of attention. However, its presence on the wrist would enhance your charm and charisma. In other words, you are bound to create an impactful presence with the help of this aviation watch. 

While luxurious watches are reserved for important events, you need the best pilot watch to exude a professional and classy look. This is exactly the kind of watch you would need for your daily needs. What’s more, you can also wear this watch for social gatherings and business meets.

The dial of the Stuhrling Aviator watch is quite interesting as well as impressive. It has a round and matt-finished watch dial that features skeleton hands along with day and date indications. The elegant logo of Stuhrling sits inside the dial, which enhances the charm of wearing this watch. 

Being an American watch company, Stuhrling designs watches meticulously. It is normally said that when you are buying a Stuhrling watch, you are buying a work of art. However, there are some concerns related to the best inexpensive pilot watches. 

There are specific concerns about its durability. But if you are casual to the light user, you may well give this aviator watch a try. Impressively, Stuhrling has used the popular quartz technology inside the case, which provides you with accurate time in various time zones.  

The luminous hands and dials make it easy for the user to keep a tab on time in various conditions. Another great aspect is that it comes with two years of comprehensive international warranty. You can visit any certified Stuhrling store to avail of the warranty.

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2. TW Steel Men’s Pilot Watch

To be frank, TW Steel recognizes their watches do more than depicting time. Being one of the best inexpensive pilot watches, you can make a personal style statement whenever you wear an aviator watch from TW Steel.

TW Steel Men's Pilot Watch

Key Features

  • Swiss movement and sapphire crystal glass
  • Comes equipped with heavy-duty steel 
  • Three-year comprehensive warranty
  • Available across the world

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As a timepiece brand, they are innovative and offer sophistication at affordable prices. TW Steel is a relatively new brand in the realm of aviator watches. The TW Steel Men’s Pilot Watch has a bold design with luminous dials.  

Featuring top-notch stainless steel, this is unarguably one of the best aviation watches. TW Steel has its presence in over 50 nations with over 3000 retail stores certified to sell their watches. As these pilot watches feature top-grade stainless steel, there is a certain ruggedness that comes with them. 

The aviator series watches from TW steel comprise Swiss quartz movements. This makes them durable and accurate in whichever time zone you are traveling. If you want a worthy collection in your wristwatch collection, the TW Steel Men’s Pilot watches are your ideal bet. 

The detailed crafting, along with the meticulous design, speaks volumes of the brand’s commitment towards quality. Like all other quality flight watches, you can wear this watch to both casual and formal gatherings. The “golden” seconds hand is another great feature that makes this watch unique.

When you wear this watch, there would hardly be any feelings related to drab or boringness. As these watches are affordable, they appeal to a wide number of people. Another great thing about the TW Steel Pilot Watch is that it can withstand rough treatment. Due to the presence of high-grade stainless steel, this watch can be used roughly.

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3. Mil-Tec Luftwaffe Me Vintage Pilot Watch

Your quest for the best inexpensive pilot watches would come to an end with Mil-Tec Luftwaffe. It is an army pilot watch with vintage looks that are sure to provide you with great attention. The light brown leather strap with modern quartz technology is one of the plus points of this watch.

Mil-Tec Luftwaffe Me Vintage Pilot Watch

Key Features

  • Vintage looking aviator watch
  • Comes equipped with modern quartz technology
  • The presence of luminous hands enables you to keep track of time at night.
  • Rugged and durable

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On the other hand, the luminous hands and the minute points for nighttime reading renders this watch a great amount of practicality. Well, it is an aviator watch from the era of aerial bravery. This World War 2 watch also sports a retro design, which adds charisma to your overall personality. 

Being an affordable pilot watch, it comes equipped with the revolutionary Japanese Quartz technology. In other words, the use of Japanese Quartz renders this watch more precise when compared to others. Each watch from this brand is unique as the beige dial differs from watch to watch. 

However, the customary fighter pilot oil-stained look remains the same in all the watches from Mil-Tec Luftwaffe. From black hour markers to luminous hands, there are many things to admire in this watch. The 42 mm wide case houses minutes mentioned in Arabic, which is pleasing to the eyes.

On the other hand, the diamond crown certainly looks quite charismatic when you wear this watch. No doubt, it is one of the best pilot watches under 500 you can buy. The calfskin leather strap is another standout feature of this watch. 

Due to the presence of this strap, you can wear this watch in any formal and casual setting. The scratch-resistant mineral glass allows you to be stress-free while pursuing arduous tasks. This vintage aviator watch is also waterproof to 100 feet, which exudes practicality.

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4. Fanmis Inexpensive Pilot Watch

Fanmis provides you with some of the best inexpensive watches for pilot you can ever own. To be precise, aviator watches from Fanmis are an amalgamation of recognizable quality and excellent craftsmanship. One of the key things about these watches is they are built to last.

Fanmis Inexpensive Pilot Watch

Key Features

  • Mineral dial technology
  • Luminous hands with black dial provide great contrast
  • Rugged and durable contrast
  • Non-allergic wrist strap

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So irrespective of the way you would be using them, these watches will stay. As customary with all the timepieces from Fanmis, this aviator watch keeps excellent timing. Wearing this wristwatch makes you look good and stylish. 

The Fanmis aviator watches are a perfect mix of casual and business. For a long, Fanmis watches are a popular choice among serious users because of their accuracy and precision. The leather brown strap is quite versatile, and you can use it in casual and formal settings. 

Being a pilot’s watch chronograph, it comes with a mineral glass dial imported from Germany. What’s more, the dial window is not the one to wear off quickly. The black dial provides a good contrast in the night along with the luminous hands. 

The standout feature of this watch is the presence of Japanese Quartz. It facilitates great precision even when you are traveling across various time zones. But apart from its look, this aviator watch from Fanmis is comfortable to wear. 

The quality of the leather is good, and you wouldn’t have any discomfort while wearing it for prolonged periods. Like all other aviation watches for men, this watch is also waterproof, which exudes practicality. But it would be unwise to use them for water-related activities as they are water-resistant to 100 feet. 

Nevertheless, pilot watches for men from Fanmis have carved a niche for them for being durable and rugged. But the hand-wound movement looks a bit out of place when you are considering buying modern-day watches.

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5. Citizen AW1361-10H Aviator Watch

Who doesn’t wish to be a pilot even once in their lifetime? Well, this is one of the best cost-effective pilot watches you can ever buy nowadays. Confident and intelligent pilots are the envy of many people these days.

Citizen AW1361-10H Aviator Watch

Key Features

  • Mineral dial window
  • Water-resistant to 100 meters
  • Comes equipped with Japanese Quartz movement
  • Features a 22-millimeter wide leather band

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Thus, it makes sense why pilot watches are so popular among individuals. Well, the Citizen AW1361-10H watch is a perfect embodiment of class and technology. It is a great-looking timepiece with dark brown leather and dial. It measures 45 mm in diameter and 12 mm in thickness, which is ideal for all wrist sizes.

On the other hand, the stainless-steel case comes equipped with a mineral dial window. When compared to other pilot watches under 100 dollars, this one exudes a charming appeal. It goes well with retro aesthetics, which makes this pilot watch a great addition.

Another great aspect of this watch is the presence of the large crown on the right-0hand size. From specific angles, the unique design of the bezel makes it resemble a pocket watch. When compared to the best cheap pilot watch, this one is water-resistant up to 100 meters. 

It can be seen that Citizen is the best for field watch even from the pilot watch. But remember that this watch is not ideal for diving and other activities related to water. However, it can survive everyday activities like swimming and showering. It has a pilot dial with orange accents that augments the style-quotient of this watch. 

The dial comes with a series of concave layers, which adds depth. The orange accents on the hour hand can be distracting at times. But if you can look past this flaw, the Citizen AW1361-10H is a great aviator watch. Another slight drawback is that the numerals are non-luminous in nature. 

You would face some difficulties while keeping track of time in stark darkness. As long as you are comfortable wearing large-sized watches, the 10H is a fantastic timepiece. It is one of those watches you can regularly wear to business and social gatherings.

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Final Verdict

So as you can see, all these watches, as mentioned above, have their own set of features. So while buying the best inexpensive pilot watches, you have to assess your requirements carefully. If you want a versatile watch that can comply with every occasion, the Fanmis Black Dial Luminous Wrist Watch is your ideal choice. 

On the other hand, if you want a vintage-style watch, the Mil-Tec Luftwaffe Me Vintage Pilot Watch is a great option. It comes with great features that resemble WW2-like looks. But if you are searching for a durable and sturdy pilot watch, you can’t look past the Citizen AW1361-10H Aviator Watch. For a long, Citizen has carved a niche for itself in the realm of quality watch manufacturing. 

With a comprehensive warranty, the Citizen watches are your best bet. So what are you waiting for? Grab any one of the watches as mentioned above and put your best foot forward.