7 Best Mechanical Watches Under 500 for Men – Reviews & Guide

At the very moment of the invention of the watch, it became an essential accessory not only for men but also for women as well. With the changing era and demand, manufacturers added different types of watches in the world of time. They combine a variety of fashion and time in one simple accessory and create a variety of fashionable watches.

From the 16th century when a mechanical watch was invented, it grabs the heart of the aesthetic people. At present, there are lots of people who not only love to wear mechanical watches but also love to keep different stylish timepieces in their collection of watches.

In this amazing article, we have included the best mechanical watches under 500. Just go through the article and find your type of masterpiece.

Best Mechanical Watches Under 600

What Is The Best Mechanical Watch For men?

Now the question for a newbie is what is a mechanical watch? Well, simply to say, a mechanical watch is an amazing timepiece that applies a power-driven instrument to keep pace with time.

It does not need any battery to show timing. With the movement of a person’s hand or wrist, this watch can show around 99% of the exact time! Remarkably, a mechanical watch is preferable to those people who want a modern accessory in addition to a simple timepiece.

Best Mechanical Watches Under 500

In this article, we are giving reviews of some of the best mechanical watches under 500 in 2021. Just go through and select the watch that you think is perfect for you.

1. Fossil Men’s Townsman Mechanical Automatic Watch

This amazing fashionable mechanical watch is prepared with qualitative components. The stainless steel-based dial is rounded and looks fantastic. The brown leather strap is very soft and comfortable as well as interchangeable.

Fossil Men’s Townsman Mechanical Automatic Watch

Key Features

  • It can move automatically with the flow of wind.
  • This stylish watch won’t need any battery to go on.
  • Water-resistant up to 50m
  • This watch will last longer.
  • It’s a bit resistant to water.
  • The band is made of leather.
  • It has an analog display.
  • A built-in rotor is included.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is not good for snorkeling and diving

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It is crafted so beautifully that you can choose it for yourself as well as for others. This watch will resist water up to 50m. This watch moves with the motion of the wind. Thus, with the movement of your wrist, this fantastic mechanical piece will start to show timing.

This stylish watch is long-lasting and weightless. So you can wear this for a long period without having any disturbance. Moreover, this watch will serve you a whole life if you can keep it with the appropriate care. No battery is necessary for this watch as well.

Fossil’s watches are not only awesome for wearing but also a great piece that you can add to your collection of antiques. Besides, this is one of the best mechanical watches under 500. So, this mechanical watch can be an outstanding item for presenting someone you care for.

2. Bulova Men’s 97A109 Mechanical Watch

Bulova is a famous manufacturer of jewelry and mechanical watch. This self-winding mechanical piece is operated by the movement of the wearer. This watch has 21 movements of jewel that is obvious through the case-back and dial.

Bulova Men’s 97A109 Mechanical Watch

Key Features

  • You won’t need any battery for this amazing watch.
  • It will give you a long time service with careful use.
  • The movement is based on hand-wind.
  • Crystal window as the dial.
  • Stainless steel base.
  • Analog screen.
  • A fantastic bring-in item.
  • Resistant to water up to 30m.
  • Not apt for use in time of swimming

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This amazing mechanical watch has a case of stainless steel with a rose gold tone. Furthermore, its fantastic band is made with soft brown leather that feels comfy to wear. In addition to that, it is one of the best automatic watches.

Bulova watches are looks traditional with the pattern of elegant black dial and crystal dome. With the proper observation, this outstanding watch is will give you a long time service. It can be a fantastic item for presenting as well.

3. Hamilton’s Khaki H69439931 Field Mechanical Watch

If you want a style with a formal appearance, you can select this fashionable timepiece of the Khaki mechanical family. Because you will get both the style and the formal direction from this field mechanical watch.

Hamilton’s Khaki H69439931 Field Mechanical Watch

Key Features

  • This amazing masterpiece is based on stainless steel.
  • It’s from the Khaki field mechanical family with a three-hand display.
  • Hand-wind mechanics
  • Elegant black color screen
  • Analog styled display
  • It has a silver case of stainless steel
  • The glass is made with sapphire crystal
  • It can resist water up to 50 meters
  • Not so great for wearing a long time under-water

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It has a gorgeous black dial with a stainless steel case which measured 38 mm. The upper glass of this watch is built with a sapphire crystal that can resist scratches. This piece is lightweight and it can defend water up to fifty meters.

The green strip and stainless steel clip will keep the watch in the right place in your hand. Besides, these amazing field watches have a soft leather belt that is very comfortable. Thus, you can wear this watch for a long time.

4. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Mechanical Watch(Model: 24693)

Are you looking for the best mechanical watch without a leather band? Here is the solution! This fashionable masterpiece of Invicta is a must-to-keep piece for those who dislike the smell of leather yet want to look very stylish.

This pro diver mechanical watch is one of the best automatic watches under 500 for men. It is beautifully crafted with stainless steel and an obvious-looking dial. It looks so elegant that anyone will love to wear this mechanical piece.

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Mechanical Watch

Key Features

  • It is resistant to water up to 330 ft. or 100 m. 
  • You can wear this fantastic watch at the time of snorkeling and swimming.
  • Automated hand-wind movement.
  • Beautiful blue dial.
  • Stylish band of silver color.
  • Stainless steel case.
  • You can see through the obvious dial.
  • Budget-friendly. 
  • You can’t use this watch when you go diving

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It has a silver color band of stainless steel and a beautiful blue dial that moves according to hand-wind. Also, it has included a mineral crystal-based stainless steel case of 47 mm. You can select this fantastic timepiece if you are looking for a budget automatic watch.

This amazing masterpiece is one of the best mechanical watches under 500 and a stylish automatic watch within budget as well. Besides, this watch is resistant to water up to 100m or 330 ft. Thus, you can wear this watch at the time of swimming as well.

5. FEICE Men’s Mechanical Watch – FM019

FEICE mechanical watch is greatly known as a skeleton automatic watch under 200 because of its transparent framework and fashionable outfit. Once you see the watch moving, you will become amazed at the craftsmanship.

It is designed with the shape of a deep curve that can demonstrate the movement of the watch. Also, the attached mirror is prepared with a glare-proof sapphire. It can defend your lovely watch from scratches and outside danger.

FEICE Men’s Mechanical Watch - FM019

Key Features

  • You will get a specific idea about the movement of the watch because of the architecture.
  • It is manufactured exclusively so that you can read the time in the dark as well.
  • This watch is very exclusive.
  • Its dial is octagonal-shaped.
  • The mirror is made with sapphire. 
  • The watch is a glare-proof.
  • The belt is adjustable.
  • It’s a great item for bigger wrists.
  • This piece is quite classy and expensive

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This fashionable masterpiece is water-proof (30 meters) and battery-free. It will move with the natural wind power of your hand movement. With complete power, this watch will go up to seventy-two hours.

FEICE watch is crafted with stainless steel and given an eye-catching octagonal shape. The silver stainless steel band and elegant black dial have made this watch a unique piece to wear, to give as a gift, and to add to your antiques.

This watch is a little bit weighty (174 g) as it is one of the best automatic watches for sportsmen. In addition to that, this mechanical watch will go perfectly with bigger hands/wrists. But you can adjust the strap if it is necessary.

6. CIGA Design Mechanical Watch

CIGA Design is a prominent brand for providing stylish accessories with outstanding craft. Mechanical watches are one of those amazing accessories. Though this black masterpiece is quite classy than the other colors, it is one of the automatic watches on your budget.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch

Key Features

  • It will give a long-lasting performance without any disruption.
  • This masterpiece is also free of toxic elements.
  • Stylish design.
  • Resistant to sweat.
  • It crystal can resist scratches as well.
  • It’s quite stretchy.
  • Eye-catching appearance.
  • The stylish strap is made of silicone. 
  • The black one is quite pricey than the other colors

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The exclusive design of this watch will catch the viewers’ eyes within a moment. Besides, it will give a long time performance because of its durable stainless steel dial. In addition to that, the flexible strap is made with silicone that gives an elegant outlook.

Additionally, this amazing mechanical watch is free of noxious materials. You won’t need to adjust any battery with this watch. Because this watch is kinetic energy-based that means it will move according to your movement.

This mechanical watch is resistant to scratches and sweat. Moreover, it is very comfortable to use for a long time as it is flexible. If you need it, you can also change or attach the strip because it has a spring bar with a lock-tight system.

7. FEICE Men’s Mechanical Watch – FM121

Bauhaus’s outstanding designer mechanical watch is one of the best men’s automatic watches in the market. With an amazing outfit, this watch will perfectly go with any formal events as well as occasional programs.

FEICE Men’s Mechanical Watch - FM121

Key Features

  • There is a beautiful sub-dial included in this watch for showing months.
  • Besides, this watch will come with a warranty of two years.
  • Stylish craftsmanship.
  • Automatic wrist-wind movement.
  • Curvy incorporated black dial.
  •  Obvious backside design.
  • The silver strap of stainless steel.
  •  It can resist water equal to 30 meters.
  • Not appropriate for bathing, diving, or swimming purposes

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The features of this amazing watch included 2 sub-dials with a 41mm large expression, a function for the calendar, and an Arabic digit symbol. Additionally, this watch is considered one of the men’s standard dress watches.

This automatic watch is a self-moving one with a wrist-wind. So, you won’t need any battery to make this piece work. Furthermore, this fantastic watch can run for around thirty-five hours with the complete power of the wind.

The transparent dial is prepared with a dual-cover that is perfect for watching the movement of the watch. Thus, it is highly adaptable and can defend the mirror from being smashed. It has a sub-dial for demonstrating the months as well.

You can’t wear this watch at the time of bathing, swimming, or diving. Moreover, you should keep it away from warm water as this watch can be affected by hot water. In addition to that, anyone will get a warranty of two years with this awesome masterpiece.

Considerations Before Buying A Mechanical Watch

You know it’s not difficult to buy a thing or anything from the internet at present. But with thousands of existing options, it is a hard nut to crack.

Therefore, we are presenting some of the best mechanical watches under 500 guides that will lead you to select the proper mechanical watch. So, here are the considerations for buying a mechanical watch.


First of all, you have to make sure which fashion for the strap of a mechanical watch you prefer. There are mainly two distinct straps. One is metal and the other is leather.

If you are an aesthetic person, you can go for a brown leather one. On the other hand, if you want to present yourself as a stylish person, you can select a metal band.


Another important thing is the shape of the dial. Dials can be of different shapes like round, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, oval, and so on.

Though the shape is not essential for watching time, it is necessary for stylish people. Usually, the round-shaped dial is used the most. But the other shapes of the dial are also preferable for many people. 


In a mechanical watch, two basic types of indicators are available in the market. A simple indicator and a jig-jag indicator. You can prefer a simple one if you just want to check the right time. In contrast, a jig-jag one will make you amazed with the different features of a dial.


The worth or price of a mechanical watch can start from $100 to $55 million. Surprised! Well, just take it as a piece of information. What you need to do is to determine the features that you want in your mechanical watch.

Then you can go for it and buy one of your choices. Price is just a worth though but you will get better performance and better material at a quite higher price. 


You may be a simple person with simple accessories but your friend may be a person who likes fancy accessories. Therefore, you can choose a simple metallic or a black/brown color strap for yourself. Instead, you should select a colorful one in case you buy it for your fancy friend.


It’s not worth it if your watch soaked into water and stopped as forever. Thus, check out the features of the watch before you buy it. If it is a piece that can resist water, you can buy it without any doubt.


Not every watch is manufactured with the same material. That’s why all watches can’t give you a lifetime service. Thus, you have to think about it before buying one.

If you like to change your watches frequently, then you can buy a less pricey watch that will last a short time. On the other hand, you should choose an exclusive one if you want a much better lifetime service from that watch.

Therefore, if you are a newbie, these features will work for you as a leader. But it is better to keep an expert person with yourself when you are determined to buy a perfect mechanical watch. Additionally, you can go through customers’ reviews if you wish to buy it from the e-market.

Final Verdict

Watch is a simple yet indispensable accessory that can complete the outfit of a person. Thus, some people consider that watch is just a timepiece and it has to be a simple one. In contrast, some other people think that a watch is an essential masterpiece that should go with fashion as well as the get-up.

After going through the article, you have got the best mechanical watches under 500. These are the best budget automatic watches as well. So however you think, in these mechanical watches, you will get what you want.