5 Best Women’s Automatic Watch In 2022

Whether male or female, wearing an automatic watch is enough to give you an elegant look. Although it tops the list of boys ’preferences compared to girls. Even then women now prefer this best women’s automatic watch because of some special features.

An automatic watch will never need winding or batteries. It runs by the natural movement of your hands. An automatic watch will run forever and will always be on time. And of course, an automatic watch is also stylish, fun, and modern, like the best women’s automatic watch models. 

If you’re thinking of buying a ladies automatic watch instead of cheap women’s watches that look expensive, you’ve made the right choice. Investing in one of the best automatic watch women will give you more value for your money. Also, a good quality best women’s watches can make a valuable addition to your watch collection. 

5 Best Women’s Automatic Watch In 2022

So without further ado, here are five of the best automatic watches for women that you should check out this year.

1. Seiko Women’s SUT116 Automatic Watch

The Seiko Women’s Stainless Steel 2-Tone watch is just the right size for a woman’s slender wrist and arms. It is a solar analog watch that will never need any winding or batteries. It runs using the powerful rays of the sun, so the more you get out of the house or use it daily, the more you’re doing this watch a favor.

Seiko Women's SUT116 Automatic Watch

Key Features

  • With a day and date calendar.
  • This is a solar analog watch with a powerful step motor.
  • This is water-resistant up to 99 feet but should not be used while swimming or bathing.
  • With a secure steel strap.
  • It comes in a luxurious box. 

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This Seiko watch is has a thick case with a stainless steel two-tone band. It has a day and date calendar function on the watch’s third hour. It is water-resistant up to 99 feet or 30M and can even withstand rain and splashes of water, but this should not be worn while showering or when swimming.

Under the hood is a step motor that will never fail in providing precise time. It has a white dial and comes with a sleek Seiko box in royal blue. 

2. Seiko Women’s SUT068 Automatic Watch

The Seiko Women’s Dress Stainless Steel Watch is solar-powered, and thus, it does not need any batteries or winding up to provide accurate time. You’ll love its classy style with a diamond-studded bezel that will look amazing in any kind of dress.

Seiko Women's SUT068 Automatic Watch

Key Features

  • Solar-powered dress watch.
  • With a two-tone case and bracelet.
  • With diamond-studded bezel.
  • With a date window.
  • Water-resistant up to 165 feet.
  • Ideal for recreational swimming but only for short periods.
  • With push-button closure.

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The face of these cheap designer watches is stunning with a Hardlex dial window and two-tone steel case. It features a Japanese quartz movement plus an analog display. The bracelet links are two-tone as well, with a very secure push-button closure. 

This dress watch is water-resistant up to 50m or 165 feet. It can be used during a short period of dipping or swimming but not for snorkeling or diving. It has a handy date window on the number three 

3. Seiko Women’s SYMC27 Automatic Watch

The Seiko Women’s Automatic Black Dial watch is the watch that borders between dressy and rugged with its stainless-steel body and strap/bracelet.

This watch never needs winding or will never require battery changes because it is the best women’s automatic watch under $200 that is powered by the movement of your arm and hands. Forget about winding it every night because it will tell accurate time as long as you wear it.

Seiko Women's SYMC27 Automatic Watch

Key Features

  • With a 21-jewel Japanese auto movement.
  • Will never need batteries or winding up; just wear it
  • With durable crystal mineral and with a stylish brushed stainless steel bracelet and case.
  • With day and date function and is available in Spanish.
  • With luminous hands and hour markers
  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters or 99 feet
  • It can be worn while raining or with water splashes.

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The crystal is Hardlex and is very durable. The case is brushed and carefully polished stainless steel along with its stunning bracelet. It also has a day and date function, and the watch is available in Spanish as well.

It has a black dial with striking silver hands as well as hour markers. The hour markers are luminous to help you tell time even in the dark. 

This is also waterproof watch/water resistant up to 99 feet or 50 meters. It can deal with rain and water splashes, but it should not be worn while showering or when swimming. It’s precise, with Automatic Japanese movement, and will always provide the most accurate current time. 

4. Invicta 15252 Pro Diver Automatic Watch

The Invicta Women’s Pro-Diver gold-plated watch has a round face made from 18 karats stunning yellow gold.  This has a modern plated finish with 30 crystals in its bezel with smaller crystals on the 6 and 12. 

Invicta 15252 Pro Diver Automatic Watch

The case is made from stainless steel, and the bracelet/band is also made from stainless steel, which is durable and very tough material. It has a Caliber PC32A movement and an analog display. A small window on the 3rd hour is where you’ll find the date while the hour, minute, and second hands have delicate designs.

Key Features

  • This has a round face and standard band size and the dial window
  • This watch is 18 karats yellow gold with a gorgeous plated finish
  • Decorated with lovely white crystals around the bezel and on the 6 and 12 hours.
  • Gold-plated stainless-steel bracelet with safe clasp closure. 
  • With date function and analog display.
  • Water-resistant up to 660 feet or 200 meters

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It’s a dressy watch, perfect for a romantic night, or when you just want to feel special. This Invicta women’s automatic watch is also water-resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet and thus is perfect for professional water sports. It is a women’s automatic watch ideal water sports that are performed on the water’s surface and not scuba diving or swimming.

5. Bulova ladies self winding watch

This is Bulova’s take to a self-winding women’s watch. This is one of the best automatic watches under 500 that belong to Bulova’s Ladies’ Diamonds Collection with a standard 35mm case diameter with automatic self-winding movement. There’s no need to use batteries or to wind this watch up because it will keep precise time every time as long as you move your arm.

Bulova ladies self winding watch

Key Features

  • With a standard case size and thickness.
  • Very stunning design belongs to Bulova’s Ladies’ Diamonds Collection timepieces.
  • Has an automatic self-winding movement
  • With a metal bracelet and snap-on lock.
  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters or 100 feet in the water

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This Bulova watch has a see-through back, just a unique feature for women who appreciate expert time-keeping components. It is water-resistant up to 30m or 100 feet, but it’s not to be used for swimming or showering or bathing. Only during brief splashes of water or quick encounters with water.

It has a lovely two-tone bracelet with a snap locking mechanism. The bracelet is adjustable but has this professionally adjusted as much as possible. 

What to look for when shopping for the best women’s automatic watch?

When you’re looking for the ideal best women’s automatic watches for yourself or as a gift, remember the following shopping tips:

Mechanical watch

Don’t be confused with automatic watches and battery-powered watches. Both are mechanical watches, but automatic women’s watches don’t need batteries or winding up to keep time.

Automatic watches can be powered by the sun (solar-powered watches) or by the use of your natural hand or arm movement. Inside women’s automatic movement watches is a powerful battery that stores energy from light or natural arm movement. This is why you need to wear an automatic watch daily. The battery helps the watch keep time even when it’s not on your wrist. 

Meanwhile, battery-powered watches require a  battery cell, usually a small, coin-shaped battery that is replaced every year or more frequently depending on the features of the watch. 

So check the watch if it’s automatic or not before you make your purchase. Check the specs from the watch’s instruction manual or check its model number online. 

Do you prefer a strap or bracelet?

Some budget automatic watches come with a metal bracelet while some have plastic or leather straps. Users who cannot stand leather items or who are allergic to leather will use a watch with a metal bracelet instead.

Meanwhile, metal bracelets are adjustable to fit snugly on your wrist. It’s a matter of removing some pieces of the bracelet to accommodate people with smaller wrists. 

With a leather bracelet, punching a hole on the leather strap will help you wear the women’s watch securely. Never wear a watch with lose or very tight bracelets because this can lead to injuries. 

Waterproof/water resistant

An automatic watch may be waterproof while some are not, but mostly, high-quality automatic watches come with waterproof features. So unless you need to play in water, swim, dive, or bathe with a watch, then you don’t have to worry about this feature. Automatic watches with no waterproof features are more affordable compared to those that have more advanced waterproof features. 

Dials and bezels

Check the watch’s rotating bezel and its glow-in-the-dark dial.  A good bezel offers enhanced support and overall quality. The dial and hands must also be luminous to easily check the time even when it’s too dark.

The date and day functions must be easy to see, as this is often the most overlooked feature in a wristwatch. You may find wristwatches with just the date while some have date and day displays.

Overall quality

Consider that the watch body, bracelet and are made from durable stainless steel. These may be adjusted accordingly to provide the best fit.  The watch must ooze style and must match your particular tastes.

Most of the watches we have in this shortlist are dress watches but may still match a woman in casual wear. All the watches here are of the best quality made by the best names in watches. 

The brand matters

As we previously mentioned, the brand of the watch tells a lot about the quality of the watch. Many brands are trusted watch brands (names like Seiko, Bulova, Invicta, Citizen, and Casio), and thus, consumers who don’t have time to look at specs or compare products usually resort to buying top branded watches. 

But by doing this, you’re not familiarizing yourself with other options in the market. Some may be unknown brands but have quality and good value features. So it’s best to check watch features, compare products until you get the best watch that’s right for your needs. 

Final Verdict

From our list of the five best women’s watches this year, we find the Seiko Women’s Stainless Steel 2-Tone watch as the winner. We selected this watch because of its many great features. First, it’s just the right size for a woman.

Next, it’s a solar analog watch that will never need batteries. It runs using the rays of the sun, so the more you get out of the house or wear the watch, the more this preserves power.

Another reason why we love this Seiko women’s automatic watch is it has a lovely, unique design with a stainless steel two-tone band. This comes with a day and date calendar function, which is one of the practical functions of this watch.

Also, it’s water-resistant up to 99 feet or 30M, and it can withstand rain and splashes of water. However, it’s not for showering or swimming.

And if you’re planning to give this best watches for women as a gift, it comes with a high-quality, luxurious royal blue box. Even this colorful box complements the beauty of this women’s automatic watch. 

We recommend the Seiko Women’s Stainless Steel Watch to anyone who is looking for good quality watches. And if you think that this Seiko watch is your kind of women’s watch, check it out from this link