A Guide to Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors

Finding appropriate cheap life insurance for seniors might feel like a never-ending job for you. Every insurance policy has its pros and cons and might not be suitable for your family. That is why one needs to find out all the relevant information about the procedure before signing up. The key to finding the appropriate policy lies in shortlisting the best life insurance companies around you.

As you go on selecting the top ones among the rest, you narrow down the best options available for you. The professional team of these insurance companies would guide you through the best plans available for older adults. However, before we list down the specifications to choose the policy for an elderly adult, let us take a close look at concept first:

Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors

What Is Meant by Life Insurance Policy for Older Adults?

According to the definition, an insurance policy is a contract signed between two parties, which ensures to cover expenses like medical bills. In case of life insurance, it is more about paying the beneficiary a lump-sum amount upon the policyholder’s death. However, the entire concept of senior life insurance is slightly different than the conventional ones available in the market.

The concept of life insurance policies differs depending on the companies and the location of the projects. However, in the USA, the insurance policies for older adults is a great way to secure life. It applies to the people who age ranges between 50 to 80 years. One can take monthly policies that are available in cheap amounts.

These are easy ways to cover the additional expenses after one passes away. Also, it helps the policyholder leave behind a substantial amount of money for their loved ones to prepare for a funeral or pay the medical bills. This is the concrete idea of a life insurance policy available for the elders.

But what confuses many people is the unsaid features that come along with these policies. What are these features? Every life insurance policy has some hidden features which determine the eligibility of the policyholder to get the approved amount. If the user fails to abide by any of the rules, as per the insurance company, then he/she might not get the due remuneration.

That is why choosing the appropriate policy and knowing all the intricate details of the same is crucial for one’s future. Therefore, here some of the essential aspects to consider to find cheap life insurance for seniors.

Top Features of Life Insurance Policies to Consider

Before choosing the best policy for your family, you need to select the insurance company first. Here are some of the intricate details to consider while selecting the insurance policy and the company:

  • The Status of The Insurance Company

One of the first things that you need to consider would be the history of the insurance company. Conduct a thorough background check about the company and its work policies. Check out the user reviews and ratings of the previous insurance policies of the company. Along with that, make sure to check out the company’s registration as per government norms to avoid any money frauds later.

  • Availability of Monthly Premium

Every leading insurance company offers you with different kinds of premium amounts and payment options. However, even if it is large, it isn’t feasible for all to pay the entire amount in one installment. That is why insurance companies offer different types of monthly payment options to help people select the best plan for their family. Hence, make sure to look for the availability of easy premium installments while picking the policy.

  • Death Coverage

The next thing you need to consider would be the benefits of the appropriate policies for you and your family. You need to check all the intricate details of the plan that involves death coverage and medical expenses. You can check whether the project would cover for monitoring system for the elderly in the home setup during the treatment phase. In case of the policies meant for senior adults, this is one of the crucial points to check before signing up for the procedure.

  • Term of The Policy

Every life insurance policy is available for a restricted time-frame. That is why you need to check the term of the insurance policy along with its benefits. Some are ten-year plans while some plans might be for twenty years.

You need to know your requirements to decide the term of your insurance plan. Also, do remember that the longer the duration of the policy, the more will the benefits. Hence, according to the experts, it is always advisable to invest in long-term plans.

  • Coverage Amount

What is the exact amount of coverage your policy aims to provide you? That is one of the vital questions you need to ask before signing up for any life insurance. Most of the life insurance plans available in the market come with lucrative packages for the clients. In case you are selecting for a senior, you might consider checking the coverage amount properly.

  • Age

Many of the trending life insurance policies available in the market tend to offer different amenities based on the age group. If you select a plan quite early in your life, you most probably get the maximum benefits out of it. However, the policies available for senior adults come with slightly higher rates than the usual ones.

  • Gender

Gender plays a significant role in determining the type of policy for senior adults. The ones meant for women come with different features as compared to that means for men.

  • Pension Facilities

Another essential point to consider would be the availability of pension facilities for older adults. One of the reasons for signing up for cheap life insurance for seniors involves the concept of monthly paybacks. That means many people like to invest in policies that offer pension facilities as well. While shortlisting the affordable ones for your older adults, make sure to check this point accurately.

  • Health and Medical History

You need to undergo a proper and thorough medical exam before you signup for any life insurance policy. It is an essential work policy that every insurance company strictly follows. Remember, if you have a family history of some illness or have some disorder, your premium amount will be slightly higher.

That applies to all but might be quite crucial for the life insurance policies available for the seniors. Choosing an appropriate plan can help you get additional facilities like therapy expenses and hearing aids for seniors.

  • Funeral Charges

Most of the leading insurance companies offer lucrative deals to cover the expenses of the policyholder’s funeral and end-of-life expenses. But to get such benefits, you need to select the plan which gives you the same. Go through the entire paperwork and compare the policies’ features before you take it up for your senior.

Along with these, make sure to check the additional benefits that come along with the life insurance policies for elders. Many of the prominent insurance companies offer different deals to provide maximum benefits to older adults.

Top 4 Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors 2020

By now, you must know which are the essential factors to consider while selecting the life insurance policies for your beloved ones. Here is a summary of the best and cheap life insurance policies available for the seniors:

Cheap Life Insurance for Seniors

  • New York Life

The leading name in the US, New York Life, is the most significant mutual life insurance company that dates back to 1845. The company is known to provide all kinds of life insurance plans for all age groups. No need to worry about your older age as this company has some of the best ideas solely manufactured for senior adults. In 2020, it has emerged as the trending company offering the best life insurance policies for the adults.

The whole life policy of this company is available for purchase until 90 years of age. It also comes with an option to convert the insurance policy to permanent coverage that can probably be profitable for any budget. Also, the company allows its clients to purchase this coverage later without any medical exam. Some of the benefits of life insurance plans offered by this company for the seniors are:

  • Possibility of money-back on few universal life policies
  • Living advantages cover terminal illness and chronic care
  • Availability of option to buy paid-up additions along with the whole life policy at any time
  • Spouse paid-up option available on the term life policy that can help your surviving spouse get an insurance policy without any extra medical examination

The company also offers guaranteed issue plans with no medical tests for the AARP members. To know more, make sure to speak to a financial professional of the company.

  • Transamerica

Transamerica happens to be another prominent name in the insurance world. It offers cheap life insurance for seniors as well as other clients. The company dates back to 1904 and offers several kinds of investment plans like mutual plans, retirement policies, life insurance plans, etc. Some of the benefits of availing insurance policies from this company are:

  • The life insurance plans are available with monthly premium payment options for 10, 15, 20, 25 and even 30-year term
  • Available for a vast age range covering from 18 to 80 years
  • Coverage available up to $2 million and can exceed $10 million for the Trendsetter Super Series policy
  • Can be converted to other whole policies without any additional charges and medical exams
  • Availability of lump-sum settlement as death benefits

Along with these, you get tax-free death benefit due to these insurance policies available for the seniors. However, you can get these policies only through a registered agent.

  • John Hancock

Another fascinating name to select from, this one dates back to 1862. You get to choose from a vast range of options as the company has all sorts of policies to cater to the needs of its clients. One of the most popular plans is the whole life insurance available until 90 years of age. Some of the essential features of the services of this company include:

  • Availability of death benefit protection policy no-lapse guarantee
  • Guaranteed lucrative interest rates
  • Accelerated death profits
  • Flexible underwriting for different health issues
  • Availability of refunds based on the activity levels
  • No medical exam required to change to whole life policy for the members
  • Availability of flexible premiums

Among the other features, the immensely popular one is the Vitality Program. It helps the members to earn potential points that they can redeem for premium refunds. This includes a health-food benefit discount proposal, a fitness tracker, and discounts for various wellness facilities.

  • Mutual of Omaha

When it comes to choosing the best life insurance for seniors, Mutual of Omaha is a perfect name. The company offers straightforward plans with smooth and hassle-free application procedures. The customers love this company for providing excellent customer services. People love to invest in the policies of this company for long periods. Some of the essential features of the plans available are:

  • The term life is offered for 10, 15, 20, 30 years
  • Coverage purchase is available till 80 ears while renewable till 95 years
  • Availability of return of premium rider, in case the policyholder survives them
  • Death benefit possible along with whole life guaranteed acceptance, which is available for purchase till 85 years
  • Universal life options available with interest rates of 0% or 2%

One of the reasons why this company is famous among seniors is because of the availability of different kinds of policies. Also, the company offers the clients with easy personalization option to get maximum benefits out of the plan.

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In Conclusion

As you go through this blog, you see how the insurance policy’s price isn’t the determining factor for you. Instead, if you want to get favorable coverage for your beloved ones, you need to look beyond the term and the policy’s price.

Sometimes, paying the premium or monthly installments might t seem too much for you. But remember that these payments lay the foundation of a secure future for your family. Compare the policies and the associated details to get the cheap life insurance for seniors as well as your children.