How To Get Free Hearing Aids for Seniors

Hearing aids are costly, and most seniors that rely on their monthly pensions or on a fixed monthly income may not be able to afford one. Even tests to gauge Hearing and to fit the right hearing aid is very expensive. But luckily, there are ingenious ways to get free hearing aids for seniors.

Yes, you heard that right, there are groups that help seniors get free hearing aids. Some agencies also support seniors by giving out discount coupons to get the best hearing aids at a discounted price. And for cash-strapped individuals, they can also get a good quality used hearing aids and even free hearing tests. Let’s find out where to get these special deals.

Get Free Hearing Aids for Seniors

Have your hearing tested

Before you search for free hearing aids for the elderly, consult a professional to check your Hearing. Most people start to experience hearing loss when they turn 60 or even younger. This is a natural process that most older people go through, but early hearing loss may be due to a medical condition.

Your doctor will perform a hearing test and will discuss the results with you and with your family members. If your doctor recommends that you use a hearing aid, then this is the right time to ask for affordable options.

Consult your audiologist for low-cost hearing aids

An audiologist can help you with affordable hearing aids coming from local non-profit groups. These organizations assist seniors who are experiencing hearing loss as well as seniors that belong to low-income families. There are local non-profit groups that provide assistance to seniors through the form of grants depending on the needs of an applicant despite not offering a particular hearing aid program.

Check out these groups that will help hearing-impaired individuals, especially senior citizens:

If the senior person in your family has problems with thinking and memory, then you can give them 7 Best Clock With Day And Date For Elderly In 2020

Audient for get free hearing aids for seniors

Audient helps Americans find good hearing aids using their nationwide network of providers. It also provides the best quality hearing care, especially for low-income families and individuals. Audient ensures that every applicant meets a hearing care provider from their area or community.

It becomes the third-party group that performs income assessment and qualification, collects funds from patients, and manages databases for from every patient. The overall cost of getting a hearing aid is very reasonable for the patient as well as hearing care providers.

If you’re interested in Audient, check out their official website or you may call a toll-free number 1-866-956-5400 (Audient is extension 2)

Hearing Loss Association of America

Hearing Loss America provides up to date information about financial programs that help needy people get new hearing aids. This group assists the elderly as well as people who need help with getting hearing aids. Although Hearing Loss America does not give away hearing aids, they can recommend you to institutions that offer hearing aids and also to Medicare.

Starkey Hearing Foundation

Starkey Hearing Foundation offers free hearing aid assistance to people in the US and around anywhere in the world. This foundation was started by William F. Austin, who realized his mission in life at an early age, and this is helping people with hearing disabilities. In 1984, he founded Starkey Hearing Foundation, and to this day, it has changed the lives of many people from everywhere in 100+ countries.

To contact Starkey Hearing Foundation, call their HEAR Now hotline at 1-800-328-8602 or by sending them an email at You will be assisted by a consultant who will ask you to fill out an application form.

Lion’s Club International

Local Lion’s Club groups participate with different programs, and among these is the Lion’s Affordable Hearing Aid Project or AHAP. All you need to do is to visit a local Lion’s Club office to get an application form. You will be assessed according to your income. If you qualify for their hearing assistance program, you will be asked to undergo tests under a recommended hearing care professional.

To start, locate a local Lion’s Club office using their locator at You may also directly contact Lion’s AHAP by calling (630) 571 – 5466 or by sending them an email.

Miracle-Ear Foundation

Miracle-Ear Foundation is a program that helps hearing-impaired people gets affordable or free services. To qualify, you should meet their eligibility criteria and pass their strict application verification. After a review of your application has been thoroughly reviewed (this is based on income and an applicant’s hearing loss condition), you will be notified through email if you passed.

Start by visiting the Miracle-Ear Foundation website at to start your application. You may also call Miracle-Ear Foundation at 1-877-632-6320.

Consider hearing aid trial programs

Some hearing aid companies accept individuals who would like to test their upcoming products. One way to get to know these companies is by checking out the Healthy Hearing site at Healthy Hearing has a long list of manufacturers with their contact details, which you can use to start your search.

And aside from this list, here you can also get a free online hearing test, a directory of nearby clinics, and a wide range of hearing loss help information.

Check out hearing aid resources

The Hearing Aid Project is an alternative to people who are not qualified for previous programs. It offers updated hearing aid resources coming from national sources, international sources, and many more. Visit to get a full list of the possible groups where you can get help for free hearing aids.

And if you have more questions about their many programs and affiliates, use their contact form found at their official site. This is also the form to use if you want to donate a hearing aid, if you want to start a fundraiser, to help others, and to get involved in the Hearing Aid Project.

A few tips to get the best free hearing aids for seniors

Sometimes applicants for free hearing aids fail to get financial assistance, grant money, or a free hearing aid because they made some crucial mistakes in their application. So to avoid confusion and to get help for seniors fast, remember these tips:

  • Get your correct diagnosis

Before you submit your application for free hearing aids for seniors or to get financial aid, double-check your diagnosis from your physician or audiologist. Be sure that he or she puts down your correct diagnosis; otherwise, your application will be invalid.

Most organizations and groups that offer this kind of assistance will ask for a copy of your diagnosis, so be prepared to hand this over. If you have not seen a doctor about your condition lately, do so and seek screening and tests as well. By your test results and your diagnosis ready, you can apply for your free hearing aid or financial aid with confidence.

  • Check your insurance coverage

If you have health insurance from a private company, then you must check if they offer coverage for hearing aids or hearing tests. The US States, like New Hampshire, Arkansas, and Rhode Island, require insurance companies to provide hearing aid coverage for adults. So be sure to double-check this with your provider, especially when you belong to any of these states.

  • Affordable Care Act

If you live in other states mentioned above, check if your state offers hearing aid coverage or similar services under the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is constantly being developed, and you should double-check coverage for hearing aids for seniors through the Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Check organizations

Organizations like The National Institute on Deafness has tons of information regarding free hearing aids, recycled hearing aids, and funding to get free hearing aids. Also, Better Hearing Institute can help through their Financial Assistance for Hearing Aids.

A list of groups and organizations that help people get free hearing aids are featured at This helpful pdf will also guide you on how to get help; you determine your eligibility and how the process is done. Download this pdf for your guidance.

  • Get help with application forms

If you find it hard to understand application forms or you’re having trouble filling these out, don’t hesitate to ask other people for help. The most common reason why applications are denied is because of incorrect information or errors in filling out an application form.

Also, some groups may also ask you to visit a partner hearing aid provider to evaluate your hearing loss. If this is the next step, ask a friend or a family member to accompany you. Driving, commuting, or walking with hearing loss is dangerous and should never be done by young people or seniors.

  • Get correct information

Much of the things we read online about hearing loss and hearing aids may already be outdated; therefore, you should only get updated information from reputable sites. Consider that most groups that offer free hearing aids or financial grants may change their application process anytime they wish.

Not understanding their application requirements can forfeit your application. Ask a trusted friend or family member. Double-check the application process for you.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays seniors can enjoy an independent life longer and more securely with their lifestyle. For example, the best adjustable beds for seniors help them to sleep comfortably. Seniors also need a smart monitoring system for elderly in the home. These are efficient smart tools that will keep their homes safe and more comfortable to live in.

Besides, there are various health aids available in the market today, including get free hearing aids for seniors. It is great for low-income seniors. If you are willing to do a little legwork, there are many organizations that can help you or your loved one find a free hearing aid program.