How to Fix 5 Common Home Problems

It is very essential to take care of your home, whether you are a renter or your own home it doesn’t matter. When you face with a common home problem for example, floors squeaking a drippy faucet, or an always-foggy window, you may be persuade to call a professional. However, many of these common home problems may be taken care of by yourself! As you know, most of time small issues emerge into your home or apartment. But you have to prepared to make these minor fixes, or call the professional immediately.


1. Cure a Smelly Garbage Disposal: If you feel very bad smell after cleaning your sink, probably your garbage disposal is the censurable. If there is an unpleasant niff wafting from your garbage disposal, it’s time to give it better clean-up. By using lemon peels you can sort out the ill smell from garbage disposal unit. The citrus fruit can leave a nice scant in your sink. Also it can help sterilization of the outer part of your sink. You could use one-fourth of a used lemon for this.


2. Fixing the toilet handle: Is your toilet flush handle broken, rusted, plain or looking old fashioned? No matter how many times you tighten that nut on the inside of the tank, may be it is loose constantly. Usually this problem is irritating. If your toilet handle is broken then, it is time to take out your crescent wrench. For this home common problem there is no need to wait for a repairman. You will never believe how easy and quick it can solved. Just you need to open the tank, unlock the lift chain, remove the broken handle. After that attached the new handle which you purchase & attach the chain that`s it.

3. Repair a broken doorbell: In most cases, repairing a doorbell is a comparatively simple, quick and cheap project. Everything will be easy to fix, so you no need to be afraid of working with electricity. Most of the doorboard circuit are low voltage current, if you come in contact with the wires that won’t give you a shock. To run a transformer doorbell, the 120-volts operated by most electronic circuits for 10 to 16 volts. Before replacing the chime check the mechanical problem. Dust, smoke, or grease may hamper the process, clean the armatures with brushing alcohol  and manipulate them back and forth until they move smoothly.

4. Fix Squeaky Door Hinges: When there is irritating noise squeaking in the door an aerosol lubricating oil is perfect for fixing squeakiness. When anything metal in a house starts squeaking probably most people reach for their WD-40. Do you know there are multiple household items also you can use lubricate squeaking door hinges? So next time you are in a squeaky-door bind, try extend for  petroleum jelly, cooking oil,  a paraffin candle, a bar of soap, or a stick of butter too. To use this effectively, You have to pull the actual pin from the door, quote it in lubricant,  then replace  but they should be smooth the motion enough, for some time give you some peaceful doors to use.

5. Unstick the fireplace damper: If your fireplace exhibit to be much smoke & not enough fire, before fret check your damper. The damper is the steel or cast-iron iron on the firebox, and it`s important to keep your fireplace working efficiently. With a firm wire brush clean your damper. Make sure to wear protective goggles & some type of face mask to keep all the old things out of your eyes and lungs. Also this would be a dirty work, so do not head into it wearing the best of your Sunday. Remove the soot & rust buildup with considerably scrubbing, then end off with a little of WD-40 or chaotic lubricant similar to that.

Finally, most of the quick solutions can be accomplished with little to no experience. But if there is something you do not understand at all, you have it make sure about that, especially do an utile research on cases where you have to deal with electricity, which can be very risky.