Top 7 Pet Insurance That Covers Preventive Care

Pets bring us joy and happiness which is why we treat our pets like family. And as our family members deserve the best health insurance, our little friends also need the best coverage such as pet insurance that covers preventive care.

Most pet insurance companies are only available for emergencies, operations, and illnesses but don’t offer preventative care. Often called wellness plans, pet insurance preventative plans include services like checkups, teeth cleaning and ear cleaning. These procedures help keep pets healthy and prevent possible health conditions.

We have gathered for you top 7 pet insurance that covers preventative care. If you love your pets, give them the pet insurance plans they deserve starting with these pet health wellness plans.

1. PetPremium Preventative Care Plans

PetPremium provides wellness plans as an add-on. You will be able to take your pet for checkups and other preventive services. The best thing about PetPremium is you can customize your benefit limits in its Accident-Only as well as its Total Coverage plans.

There are two levels of preventive care for the Accident-Only and Total Coverage plans. There is the Basic Preventive Care for less than $10 a month which covers dental cleanings, yearly checkups, deworming, fecal tests, canine rabies, Lyme disease, and feline FIP to name a few. Basic Preventive Care is currently the most affordable pet care health plan for pet owners in the US.

Meanwhile, the Prime Preventive Care for less than $25 a month which includes all the services offered in the Basic plan but comes with a higher payout. Aside from these, this plan also comes with heartworm and anti-flee treatments. Your pet will also get a free health certificate, blood tests, urinalysis, and canine Bordetella vaccine.

2. Pets Best Wellness Plans

You can choose from 3 Pets Best Wellness Plans. These plans will cover surgery, examination fees, prescriptions, and alternative therapies to name a few. The three plans cover illnesses, accidents, hereditary conditions, emergencies as well as prescriptions but vary in limits. Study well each plan to find out which will work best for you and your pet’s needs.

The plans offered here are customizable, so pet owners can find the ideal pet health plan for their budgets and their pets’ needs. Wellness services are considered as add-ons. There are two levels of wellness add-ons: the Essential Wellness plan that costs less than $17 a month and the Best Wellness for as low as $27 a month.

Both of these plans have similar preventive tests and procedures however spay and neuter and dental cleaning is not included in the Essential Wellness plan. You may choose the wellness plan add-on the moment you enroll or within a month of your membership but if you already have Pets Best, you must wait at least a year to opt in. If you have more questions about Pets Best Wellness Plans, check out their official website for updated information about their services.

3. United Healthcare Wellness Plans

United Healthcare is a pet insurance company that offers wellness plans for common pets like dogs, birds, and cats as well as plans for exotic pets. You’ll find different plans like Major Medical, Wellness Basic, Whole Pet and Whole Pet with Wellness add on.

United Healthcare plans depend on where you’re located. Major Medical comes with a set schedule of benefits but other United Healthcare plans will reimburse your medical expenses up to 90%. All the plans come with a $250 deductible but the Wellness Basic. However, this operates on a fixed benefit schedule. Plans include coverage for regular exams, flea treatments, vaccination as well as other tests, procedures and medical treatments.

Whole Pet with Wellness comes with coverage for illnesses, routine wellness examinations, accidents, and vaccinations. It also comes with microchip implants so you can locate your pet when they are lost and spay and neuter services as well.  The United Healthcare Wellness Plans are available for any kind of pet but it offers the best coverage for the needs of dogs and cats.

4. GEICO Wellness Rewards

Consumers agree that GEICO pet insurance that covers preventive care though that plans are the most expensive. But these cover services that some insurance providers don’t such as therapy for pet destructive behaviors. It also covers the cost of prosthetics as well as mobility services. Because of its comprehensive service, most pet owners say that GEICO Wellness Rewards is worth it.

Pet insurance plans from GEICO lets you choose your preferred annual deductible, your reimbursement percentage and annual caps on coverage. All-in-all, GEICO is not actually an insurance plan; it is simply a stand-alone care plan that will assist you in paying, and budgeting, for your pet’s medical expenses.

GEICO Wellness Rewards reimburses for regular checkups, spay and neuter services, heartworm treatments, vaccines, teeth cleaning and many other procedures. You won’t have to worry about monthly deductibles and there are no waiting periods. Members have 24/7 service from whiskerDocs, a pet owner’s helpline that will help answer important questions about pet health.

5. Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plans

Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plans is honored by more than 900 pet clinics, vets and hospitals across the United States. This includes clinics found in PetSmart shops. Compared to other pet health plans, Banfield provides routine pet insurance coverage through Optimum Wellness that includes services when your pet is hospitalized including diagnoses, medical treatments, and prevention or wellness services such as dental care, pet diet consultations and an unlimited number of pet visits.

The only downside of Banfield Pet Hospital is that it does not have accident insurance. Instead, there are different tiers of wellness plans including Early Care and the Early Care Plus plans designed especially for kittens and puppies that are below six months. If you have other kinds of pets like birds, amphibians, reptiles or other mammals, you might want to check out other pet health plans.

Banfield Pet Hospital plans come with teeth cleaning, services for hereditary, chronic and congenital illnesses, breeding and cancer. Treatments covered by Banfield include diagnostic tests, hospitalization confinements, surgery, emergencies, prescription medications, and specialty care. Your pet will also enjoy behavioral therapies and coverage for mobility aids such as prosthetics under this pet health plan.

6. Costco Wellness Plans

Costco has pet insurance plans with wellness inclusions with discounts up to 15% if you are a Costco club member. This provider comes with customizable plans including a comprehensive health plan that covers routine preventive care, illness coverage and accidents. You may also select a standalone wellness coverage which only covers routine exams, procedures, and treatments.

The customizable plans let you pick from   $7,500 or a $15,000 cap with a reimbursement amount of 70, 80 or 90%. Costco has deductibles that vary depending on the age of your pet while their standalone wellness plan and add-ons do not have deductibles and co-pay features. Usually, the very young and the very old pets are a priority and mostly these pets suffer most from different medical conditions.

When you pay using a monthly premium, Costco will cover 100%  of the services such as yearly exams and a 6-month checkup for pups as well as senior canines. Also covered by the monthly premium are fecal exams, nail trimming, deworming, spay and neuter, heartworm tests, flea treatments and prevention, microchip implants and dental care.

7. VPI Pet Insurance Wellness Plan

VPI Pet Insurance Wellness Plan provides optimum coverage for your beloved pet. Their Major Medical plan includes coverage for high-risk conditions while their Pet Wellness Plan is meant for wellness. There is a clear distinction between their wellness plans and their illness plans so pet owners can easily understand their coverage.

However, if you want both, you can get their Whole Pet Plan that covers illnesses and accidents and wellness coverage may or may not be included. By looking at what VPI offers when it comes to pet insurance, it seems to be the most comprehensive of all pet insurance brands. It also offers standalone wellness coverage.

The comprehensive pet insurance package from VPI reimburses for almost all procedures and treatments related to health conditions including pet insurance that covers preventive care, spay and neuter services, teeth cleaning, deworming, vaccinations and many more. VPI has a 90% reimbursement rate and deductibles range from $100 up to $250. There are no caps and no add-ons; what you see is what you get from this pet health insurance.


Have you found the right pet insurance that covers preventive care yet? Don’t worry, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed because it’s really difficult to find the best insurance coverage for pets. The best move is to simply shop smart and get to know the coverage of each plan before taking it.

And if you have another type of pet other than a dog and a cat, it’s wise to find pet insurance as well as a vet or hospital that specializes in the kind of pet you have. Remember that preventive care is better not just in humans but also when it comes to pets.