10 Best Pet Insurance That Covers Wellness

Pets have become an important member of most modern families today, and deserve to receive the best medical care. The insurance industry offers pet owners with a wide range of wellness options that cover for your pet’s illnesses, emergencies as well as accidents. These wellness plans are essential in ensuring that you are covered in case of an unexpected mishap.

While it’s important to cover for your pet, it is also important that you take into consideration the medical cost involved including immunizations, wellness visits, neutering as well as emergency care costs. This article covers some of the top 10 pet insurance that covers wellness.

pet insurance that covers wellness

Here are 10 pet insurance that covers wellness

Embrace Pet Insurance

This insurance agency is specialized in offering medical insurance for dogs and cats, covering for illnesses, dental surgeries, accidents, alternative therapies and even specialist care. However, it does not cover basic wellness costs such as flea prevention and veterinary visits, but only a wellness program that is separate from their insurance plan.

The wellness rewards program covers for a wide range of expenses including behavioural training, nutritional supplements, microchipping and much more. For comprehensive coverage, pet owners are advised to pair the insurance and the wellness reward plans.

Healthpaws Pet Insurance

Healthypaws pet insurance is specialized in providing cover for your cats and dogs. The plan covers a wide range of areas including hereditary and congenital conditions, accidents, illnesses, chronic conditions, cancer care, specialty care, prescriptions, hospitalizations, ultrasounds, surgeries as well as blood tests and x-rays.

Their main plan, Unlimited Lifetime option, provides lifetime benefits and is acceptable at any licensed vet. However, there are numerous exceptions in their coverage such as pre-existing conditions like cruciate ligament issues, preventive health care, dental health care, parasite control, spaying and anal gland expression.

PetPremium – Preventive Care Plans

This pet insurance provides insurance coverage options and plans designed for dogs and cats. The company is popular for its extensive online data and excellent customer support offering the best health practices advise for your pets.

The company primarily provides preventative care plans that can be combined with total coverage insurance or accident-only plans.

The accident-only plan provides cover from accidents while the total coverage insurance plan comes in prime and basic options covering for dental check-ups, vaccines and wellness exams. The prime plan also covers for flea prevention and blood tests.

Nation Wide Pet Insurance

Whilst many insurance plans above focus on the wellness of cats and dogs, other pets such as birds and exotic pets need to be covered too. Nationwide, which is among the largest insurance companies, offers an exclusive plan for exotic pets and birds in addition to the regular insurance plan for dogs and cats.

This plan is the only of its kind and is known as The Avian and Exotic Pet Plan. It covers illnesses, accidents, examinations, prescriptions, lab fees, hospitalization and X-rays for unique pets such as chameleons, chinchillas, amphibians, tortoises, chameleons and more.

FIGO Pet Insurance

FIGO introduces a whole new platform when it comes to pet insurance by bringing their services closer to their customers using a cloud-based app.

This Pet Cloud has an AI assistant that helps you file claims and also get access to a live vet 24/7. Also, policyholders can obtain policy documents, file a claim, make payments, add a pet, renew policies, receive reminders for due immunizations, and even connect with other pet owners nearby.

Above that, FIGO offers reimbursements of 70% to 100% of your vet bills according to your monthly premium without limitations on pay-outs.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

With the best payment system and an award-winning customer care team, Trupanion boasts the best insurance plan for pure bred pets. Pure bred pets are predisposed to some defects, conditions or diseases most of which require surgeries to remedy.

However, with Trupanion, payments are made directly to the vet after they submit your claim thus making it easier and faster than other insurance companies which require filing claims and waiting for reimbursements.

Trupanion covers for diagnostic testing, prosthetics, congenital and hereditary conditions, cancer treatments and hospitalizations among others.

PetFirst Pet Insurance

PetFirst has been offering insurance covers for cats and dogs since 2004 and has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. They are best suited for pets with chronic conditions and those who need to see vets regularly. This is because they don’t have waiting periods for orthopedic and hip dysplasia conditions, most of which other insurers don’t cover.

They also cover surgeries, accidents, emergency care, illnesses, and hereditary illnesses. The best thing is that you’ll take your pet to any vet of your liking without worrying about an existing network and your claims processed within a short time.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Insurance

Banfield Pet Hospital has wide coverage with a chain of over 900 hospitals and clinics for pets. They offer wellness plans which deal with maintenance and routine medical costs. Their wellness plans cover for every expense; that is all services provided at any of their pet hospitals.

They have three plans; the essential plan which offers coverage for basic services such as vaccinations and deworming. The active prevention plan and the special care plans offer services such as urine and dental testing, eye-tests respectively.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

ASPCA is well known for its efforts to combat animal cruelty and homelessness. It also offers pet insurance. It offers pet insurance coverages in three major options which offer 70%, 80% and 90% coverage on claims for vet cost.

They mainly offer the accident-only plan, the accident and wellness plan and the complete coverage plan (which offer coverage for routine care services and also preventive care services).

Its advanced wellness plan is the most affordable and offers coverage for basic tests, vaccines and neutering services. Its insurance policies are managed by Huntsville Pet Insurance. This makes it ideal for people looking to include basic care services coverage in their plan.

Pet Assure Pet Insurance

The Pet Assure insurance company offers veterinary discount plan covering for cats, dogs as well as numerous other animals. The type of services covered do not have any exclusion and have no annual limits. All that is required from you so as to get the 25 % discount is to use any of their in-network veterinarian providers.

This is an excellent option that pet owners can consider when they are not sure about buying an insurance policy for their pet but still need to have savings on their pet’s health care. The company provides four different plans. These are the unlimited, single dog, single cat and family plans.


With the wide range of pet insurance plans available today, it is paramount for pet owners to have a prior study of the options available.

This article outlines some of the top 10 pet insurance that covers wellness, helpful to any pet owner. Depending on your specific pet needs, pet owners should ensure that they invest in the right plan so as to provide their pet with the right treatment and care throughout their life.