Some Important Things Every People Should Do Before Getting Marriage

Some Important Things Every People Should Do Before Getting Marriage

When I was a kid, ones & again I daydreamed about when I will get married and how many children I would have. Now I am 26 & my thinking are the best than before. As it turned out, I married at 22 and I cannot help but think that my life maybe a different now, if I had waited.  

In many ways, I am a poster child for what not to do! I always did have to learn the difficult way! I am not mention that I condolence my decisions, but I’m still infectious above to where I would/could/should be. I think, I am giving a rename to this article, “Girls Need To Learn The Lessons Before Marriage.”

At U.S. history searching, women habituated marry younger and divorce was not as dominant. During the period of time preceding of World War II, most of the women did not work outside the home. With changing times responsibilities of work or job sector, equal rights and rates of divorce, women be more independent & secure before they got married. As a non-expert, I think that women should wait to marry until they are 28-30.  

Suppose you wait, then what’s the difference?

The maximum difference in waiting to marry is that at the same time you do not have to learn everything. Set up your career and you will have achieved some knowledge & wisdom with money and relationships. MATURITY in each case what of your life will spare you grief over in several ways.

1. Education: In at present job market, require graduate degrees to build up the careers. It`s experienced to get your education completed before other life decisions to find a way and take away or put down your opportunities. Your knowledge can not be taken away from you. Professional improvements and your financial status will be changed by qualification.

2. The Dreams Of Your Young Girl: No, I do not mean planting your savage oats, but you are young once. After Marriage and become parent along with change your priorities- As they should. My neighbor shares a story about her & her daughter. She said my 18-year-old daughter asks me questions out of my range- sometimes, she think to see if she will be totally opposed to an idea. For example- If she did not get accepted into a collage of her choice, can she take a year and join Americorps. Or could she enter in a study abroad program? Mostly, she supports her daughter and think of greater picture issues. Is it safe? What are the advantage & disadvantage? You have been heard the speech “Once in a lifetime opportunity?” There are some opportunities that come your door only when you are young. Often, you cannot take into account them once you are married.

3. Finances: It is very important that how to manage your finance. Financial maturity cannot be worthy for yourself or when you are in a relationship. For those of you who have been married, everyone knows what an issue money is. I confess that at 22, it took a long time for both of us to learn to manage our finances. Even today, I am having flashbacks to my 20’s and I am re-learning. It’s an ongoing challenge. Probably if I had finished that degree, or learned how to do it right the first time, I would not be in this situation!)

4. Relationships: All of us learn and grow through our relationships, even the ones that do not work out. Hoping, we know about communication, impingement and accommodate. We learn not only what we need from our relationships but also hopefully how to express that. I was watching Kathie Lee and Hoda today and they were answering Valentine’s questions. One of the good questions was, “If my husband always buys me red roses for Valentine’s Day, but they are not my favorite, could I say something or let it go?”   Matthew Hussey’s advice was dead on! It is not a good thing and a symptom of other communications problems if you could not express yourself, how to the extent of your favorite flower.

As we go through relationships of various sorts and varieties we learn how to deal with people. We have friends, chief officer and co-workers, as well as boyfriends or husbands. Things will not be every time go as we like. We are enough old to know that temper tantrums are better left for 2-year old’s. They are not become one for grown women. We need to be our own classy proponents. We require to contact what we want. Some people does not mind readers. Especially men!