Tissot VS Bulova | Choose The Right One For Men

As we know, the watch market is huge. However, it is not always easy to find watches with good value for money. Even just finding quality watches is difficult. We all know the most famous brands (like Rolex, for example), but rightly not everyone can afford them. In fact, in this article, we have tried to find a compromise.

Therefore, we will offer you those timepieces built with suitable materials, that have good performance, and that is accessible at the price level. However, there are also many luxury watches that we have considered to be among the best.

So, in short, in this article, you will not only find watches accessible to everyone but also accessories that are a little more expensive and more sought. From this content, you will be able to know the difference between Tissot vs Bulova. Without further any discuss right now, let’s get started.

Getting Know The Difference Between Tissot vs Bulova

Getting Know The Difference Between Tissot vs Bulova

Starting from your smartphone to ending at the toaster, many accessories today can tell us what time it is. For this reason, watches have increasingly become a fashion accessory, to be paired with a handbag or a dress. The selected company are both the Tissot VS Bulova most popular in Asia and western countries.

You can’t find the difference between the product chosen easily because both are the most selling on Amazon. So, it isn’t easy to find out the specific difference between them. But we are tried to find out the specific features between them. Just look at our articles.

History of Tissot

History of Tissot

Tissot proudly appeared in the Jura region of Switzerland in early 1853, Which represents the year of its establishment. That means the brand, created by father-son duo Charles-Felicien and Charles-Emile Tissot, has been around for about 170 years. By the end of World War I, the brand had evolved into a manufacturing organization that produced its movements and parts, in contrast to the previous method of assembling pieces from different producers.

After a successful decade of business, Tissot faced a period of great frustration. An important partnership was formed in 1930 with another Swiss manufacturer, Omega, to better deal with the crisis. SSIH became the basis for the birth of the Swatch Group more than a half-century later.

The post-World War II period was memorable for Tissot when the brand decided to focus on making watches for a much wider public than just the affluent part of society. With a combination of intelligent marketing and specialization methods, Tissot has attracted worldwide attention and put the brand at the top of the game.

After the formation of the swatch group, all the reasons for the testing of Tissot were in 1983, when the world’s first stone clock and the first analog-digital time clock were published in 1985 and 1986, respectively. Today, Tissot exports more than 4 million affordable watches to nearly 160 countries, earning a reputation as one of the best suppliers of Swiss watches.

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History of Bulova

History of Bulova

Bulova was started in 1875 in New York City by Bohemian immigrant Joseph Bulova. With a quest, he opened a small shop in New York City, “to craft supreme quality timepieces for an ever-changing and dynamic landscape.” The American brand enjoyed significant success when making smart marketing decisions such as radio and TV commercials and achieved the status of a well-known watchmaker.

The first truly historic achievement came in 1960 by transforming the industry. The Bulova  Accutron watch employs a tuning fork on mechanical timepieces, instead of a balance wheel for timekeeping devices. It came as a second electronic watch at the time, incomparable with precision.

Bulova has reached an agreement with NASA to produce quality and precision watches. The technologies were used during a total of 46 missions, over a period of two decades. The image of the cake is one of Boulevard’s custom-made watch journeys to the moon. An astronaut, David Scott, received a Bulova chronograph during the Apollo 15 mission. Nowadays, to Japanese conglomerate.

Significant watch

In this section, we take a look at the best watch published by each brand.

Tissot Men’s T-Race Watch – T1154172706100

When it comes to T-Race Chrono Quartz models, my eyes always light up a little. It is made of silicone and stainless steel for the strap and case, respectively. This Tissot is structurally solid despite its classic lines.

Tissot Men's T-Race Watch - T1154172706100

Main Advantage: Regarding the technical specifications, I would like to point out the quartz movement with the battery replacement indicator. So you can wear your Tissot without having to worry about monitoring its charge status. 

Main Disadvantage: Only 1 lithium batteries are available, and the weight is high comparatively Bulova watch.

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We are talking about a timepiece that behaves like a wrist jewel, and the demands are not particularly high from this point of view. So the materials stand out as respectable and amaze with the glass cover to protect the analog screen.

In this line, with the only time used as style accessories. The parameter of this watch is waterproofing. We have a water resistance down to just 3 bar, which tells you that you will have to be very careful not to expose your Tissot to water.  

Beyond the materials, solidity is manifested in the mass, with the 21 mm wide bracelet equipped with buckle closure. It has a round case with an actual diameter of 42 mm. The chromatic contrast created between the two elements is delightful.

The bracelet’s black material settles on the silver steel frame of the case, and the white dial is set to soften the abrupt change of tone. If you ask me, “is Tissot a good watch”. Definitely, it is.

Bulova Men’s 98B152 watch

Is Bulova a good watch? The answer you will get in this section soon. The Bulova Men’s 98B152 is the ideal automatic watch for men with the most eccentric, bizarre tastes and do not admit traditional nature elements. The design peculiarity of the device is covered by the innovative aesthetic elements that characterize it.

Bulova Men’s 98B152 watch

Main Advantage: It has both the time detection function, and the watch’s professional chronometer function do not see any defects or inaccuracies.

Main Disadvantage: High price and machine wash not allowed.

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The value of this accessory also relates to its function as a professional chronometer. As a time detector with absolute precision, as an underwater device, for a maximum depth of 30 meters. These are highly sought-after elements when choosing a modern wristwatch. It is one of the best Bulova Swiss watches from other watches.

It was certainly designed for men who demand innovation in their outfits, deviating as much as possible from traditional styles. It is also its very high-quality profile, which is substantiated under several aspects.

The first, of all, is that inherent to the type of materials that compose it. Both the case and the screw-down crown are made of stainless steel. It is not to allow oxidation and consequent to exposure to water.

On this last point stands another of the precious functional qualities of the device. Its impermeability rated up to a maximum pressure of 3 bar, makes it possible to wash your hands. The operating mechanism of the Bulova Men’s 98B152 is quartz, which ensures absolute reliability: 

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Differences Between The Best Products – Tissot vs Bulova

After understanding how to choose the men’s watches that look expensive we want, now we focus on the aspects to be examined for Bulova and Tissot Watch. The differences that positively or negatively affect any purchase are influenced by the use you have to make of it.

Discovering the right item, which satisfies all our needs and at the same time is the most advantageous on the market, is not easy. Continuing, we will direct to ascertain all these aspects by trying to answer any question. In this way, you will always have in mind a logical scheme from which you can take inspiration before completing any purchase.

My Experience Can Help You

I have understood that the best reviews are those that do not have lingering and nuanced content in my lifelong experience. It makes you know how and when the item was bought, clarifying how it was sometimes used in great detail. This gave very scrupulous evaluations, not remaining vague in explanations.

The number of reviews and comments, as you can imagine, is a determining element to understand if we are in front of an excellent article, vice versa, no. After 40 hours of research, we have seen that Bulova Men’s 98B152 is comparatively good than the Tissot T1154172706100 model watch.

Bulova Watch Accessories: Where Can I Find Them?

The accessories establish another very considerable aspect for Bulova Watch. As you imagine well, an object always has a sequence of options as an endowment that improves its functionality of the same.

Here you see the essential items of fashion, IT, watches, health, products for pets, and all the related options in luggage. In this way, you will always feel the security of finding everything you need for your shopping.

I Have More To Add To This Article

Choosing Bulova Watch is undoubtedly now much more profitable than a few periods ago. But it does not mean that the choice is always easy. So, first of all, to avoid making rough mistakes and shelling out money for nothing.

We are continually required to figure out which product is best for our needs. We ask ourselves questions about what we are going to get could be those recently considered. 

FAQs About the Tissot VS Bulova Quartz Stainless Steel Casual Watch

Q: Does the best price for this kind of item indicate the right choice?

Preferring the cost point of view and neglecting all other aspects, buying Bulova Watch is often not satisfying. Frequently, we see fake offers, not responding to the effectiveness of the cases.

Our mind is clouded by the cost of neglecting the proof of the article’s essential characteristics. Such as The guarantee conditions, the possibility of free delivery, and the return of the expense.

They might seem obvious arguments, but they are not. Often behind an owl cost, real hoaxes are hidden, and getting out of it is difficult. So, listen to my suggestion, before buying any product at an advantageous cost, examine all the conditions indicated, and first read the reviews.

Q: How much does Bulova Watch cost?

Many words are said to trace many and many characteristics to be examined for Bulova Watch before having the strength to buy. Yet I know you will always wait to learn the price, what you want to do with it is the price.

You know that I repeat. If I see it at a reduced price, I catch it, without problems, I take it. It is always the same thought. We propose to ponder over and over again, yet we always capitulate in the same cage. The price dominates our reason. Surely the best prices, together with all the customer reviews you want, are all certified and not fake. 

Final word

Buying something is a very easy but tricky thing is selecting one. The selected two watches are good, but both have some extra features that make a watch different and unique.

The hard thing we were facing that is Tissot vs Bulova comparison because both have well featured and well unique designs. After 40 hours of research, we have the winner product, which is lightweight and budget-friendly. You can pick that watch without any hesitation. We are talking about Bulova Men’s 98B152.

Now I would like to know from you, which is the best budget automatic watches 2022? Let me know by just leaving a comment below the post. Thanks for your attention.