What is The Best Overnight Diaper for Adults?

Whether you’re taking care of an adult patient or you have a loved one with incontinence, an adult diaper may be included in your regular shopping list. It’s tough to look for the best adult diaper because each brand seems to offer something better.

Often you’d find yourself asking what is the best overnight diaper for adults, especially when you’ve had problems with incontinence at night. Leaks and poor absorption are just two common problems with overnights, but don’t worry; we’re here to help.

What Is The Best Overnight Diaper for Adults

We present the seven best adult diapers as well as overnight diapers for adults. These are not you’re common, cheap adult diapers but are designed to hold more and keep everything in place.

And don’t forget comfortable diapers because when all else is considered, the most comfortable adult disposable diapers are still the best choice.

7 Best Overnight Diaper for Adults

1. Prevail Protective Overnight Underwear

The Prevail is a pair of women’s overnight underwear. It is disposable and has a contoured, discrete fit so women can wear these overnight to absorb urine and other liquids. It has a MaxSorb Gel in the core that provides maximum absorbency ideal for medium to heavy leaks.

It also has the Omni-Odor Guard, which will neutralize pH and stop odors as soon as possible. On the inner layer is DriFit cotton that provides a very soft, secure, and comfortable fit.

Prevail Protective Overnight Underwear


  • The Prevail overnight underwear for women is not for all users.
  • It may work for younger women but won’t hold up for seniors and old women.
  • But for regular use, it is comfortable, easy to use, will hold the liquid in but only in moderate amounts, and has an odor control system that will keep you fresh-smelling.
  • It could be the best overnight diaper for your needs.

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For more value for your money, Prevail offers their overnight pull up diaper for women in different sizes with the extra-large size for 48” to 64”. You can also buy these in packs of 14 and above.

  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • With the odor control system
  • The core is very absorbent
  • Breathable design
  • Easy to wear
  • Waistline too high
  • Less leak protection on the sides
  • Not for old women

2. Medline Extend Wear Overnight Diaper

The Medline Extend Wear is an overnight adult brief that comes with tabs. When you search to buy what is the best overnight diaper for adults, Medline extend is one of them which is a high-performance adult diaper with a wear-core design so you can keep dry and protected even when you wear this for a long time.

Medline Extend Wear Overnight Diaper


  • The Medline overnight diapers are secured with tabs and thus have a better airflow, enhanced comfort, and have better leak guards like most regular diapers have.
  • However, it’s too bulky, and sizes are mostly off.
  • But if you’re just wearing these to sleep, then it will surely work as advertised.

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It comes with a comfortable, breathable film for enhanced skin health. It is designed with tabs for improved airflow, and this design enhances comfort as well. Along the sides are leaking guards that prevent leakage and contain liquid and even fecal matter in.

There is an easy and convenient moisture indicator on the diaper to tell you if it’s time to change. Adults also need an adjustable bed with diapers for their comfort.

  • With tabs for improved airflow and comfort
  • With breathable film
  • With leak guards
  • With alert indicator to tell you if it’s time to change
  • Available in different sizes
  • Too bulky
  • Sizing problems

3. Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear

The Tranquility Premium is overnight disposable absorbent underwear or pull-up diapers. These are designed for people who are experiencing maximum incontinence.

Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear

Depending on the size, this overnight diaper can take from 20 to 34 ounces of liquid. You will never be interrupted by wetness, plus you can be confident during long trips, flights, and conditions when you need to hold it.


  • Tranquility pulls up diapers are convenient, easy to use, and can be used overnight and even during long commutes and when sick in bed.
  • It will not smell and will keep liquid in for longer.
  • It is one of the best overnight diaper products for adults that you must check out soon.

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It has a pull-on design, but you can tear the sides when it’s time to remove them. The Tranquility premium is available in six different sizes: extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and two times-large. It is comfortable with a breathable design with a full-rise panel along the waist for a snug fit.

This is a latex-free adult diaper that won’t irritate even when worn overnight. Along the inner legs are cuffs that will channel liquid back to the core. This will effectively contain large amounts of liquid and fecal matter.

And along the inner surface of this diaper is a peach mat that will keep skin dry, prevent odors, and will help neutralize pH, so there’s no smell and bacteria growth.

  • Can carry more liquid and fecal matter
  • Available in six sizes
  • Breathable with tear-away sides
  • With secure inner leg cuffs
  • Reduces odor, neutralizes pH and prevents bacteria
  • Leaks along the sides when very full

4. Depend Night Defense Overnight Underwear

Depend Night Defense is overnight incontinence underwear made for women. It is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes; choose the right fit, because a good diaper with as well as best mattress gives you a comfortable, confident night’s sleep.

Depend Night Defense Overnight Underwear


  • Depend is a disposable diaper ideal for women who want to sleep confidently even with incontinence.
  • It’s easy to wear, easy to remove, will keep more liquid in, and is also form-fitting for a snug fit.
  • It is non-irritating and comes in a soft, feminine color.
  • It may be the adult diaper for women you’ve been looking for.

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Inside these diapers is a Confidence Core that absorbs liquid quickly and comes with odor control. It also has a form-fitting material called lycra, which makes a snug, comfortable, and safe fit for women. It is made for women with soft peach color, and the fact that this is disposable, you don’t need to wash soiled underwear anymore.

  • Fast liquid absorption
  • With odor protection
  • Comfortable material
  • Fits your form, in peach color
  • Will never irritate the skin
  • Lacks side protection

5. Solimo Incontinence Overnight Diaper

The Solino Incontinence Underwear is made for men and women alike. The sizes of this diaper are comparable with Tena and Depend, and thus you can base your size if you have been using these brands.

Solimo Incontinence Overnight Diaper


  • Solimo is protective underwear for men and women.
  • This is available in different sizes, and all have the same moisture, temperature, and odor control.
  • It is enough to keep you dry overnight; however, it lacks leg cuffs, which are important in keeping liquid in.
  • It is recommended for people who previously use Depend or Tena as these have almost the same sizing.
  • It may be a good incontinence diaper you have been looking for.

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This adult diaper has a Dri-Fit feature that controls the liquid flow, moisture, and temperature so your skin will remain dry and healthy. It’s also more comfortable when you wear this for a long time.

The top sheet is enhanced cotton that will divert moisture from the skin. Also, it comes with the Dual Odor control system, which neutralizes and prevents odors from making you feel fresh all day long. Solino is latex-free, and thus, you’ll feel fresh all day long.

  • Offers a good fit for Tena and Depend on users
  • Controls moisture and temperature on the skin
  • The comfortable and dry top sheet
  • Controls odor and neutralizes pH
  • Won’t irritate the skin
  • Lacks leg cuffs that keep liquid in better

6. Super Undies Adult Cloth Diaper

What is the best overnight diaper for adults for this question the super undies adult cloth diaper is the best answer. When it comes to adult cloth diapers, it is known for its good fit and absorbency. It looks like a regular panty but is waterproof, especially in the front and at the back where urine tends to move as you lie down.

Super Undies Adult Cloth Diaper


  • The Super Undies are spill-proof, versatile, and will keep you dry all night.
  • It’s best for people who suffer from incontinence at night.
  • It will help people with this condition sleep better, knowing that they are protected from leaks.
  • We recommend these overnight diapers for adults.

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It is made for overnight protection with six layers of microfiber terry cloth material to keep urine in. You may add more absorbency pads if you need it because it comes with a pocket at the front.

And it will never leak because compared to regular diapers, this comes with an elastic waistband to keep wetness in. These bands are made from fleece, and thus these are soft and spill-proof.

  • With an underwear fit
  • Six layers of terry cloth
  • Can hold 450 ml of fluid
  • With pocket at the front for additional pads
  • With secure waistband and leg bands
  • Made of cloth, so you need to wash

7. Ideal Adult Overnight Disposable Brief

The Ideal Overnight Disposable Brief is for men and women. It provides overnight protection using its dual-core and absorption layer to enhance absorbency even during heavy flows. It has leak protection along the inner and outer legs using gatherers.

Ideal Adult Overnight Disposable Brief


  • The Ideal Overnight Disposable diaper is made for enhanced overnight protection with leak protectors, wetness indicators, and a cloth-like feel.
  • It will protect you from leaks and will never smell.
  • It may have some flaws when it comes to sizing, but it remains as a good adult diaper to use.

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It comes with a wetness indicator with the line turning dark when it’s time for a diaper change. It comes with a cloth-like feel as it has a soft and breathable texture. Ideal also has improved odor control so you won’t smell even after hours of wearing.

  • Protects overnight
  • Leak protection and odor control
  • With a wetness indicator
  • Soft and comfortable like cloth
  • Easy to use
  • Available in medium and large sizes

What To Look For The Best Overnight Diaper For Adults?

Remember the following when shopping for the best adult overnight diapers:

Size matters a lot

Choose adult diaper brands that come in different sizes so you can choose the one that will meet your needs. Usually, sizes vary, so consult a sizing chart to get the best fit.

Pull-ups or regular diapers

Would you prefer pull-ups that are used like panties or briefs or regular tabbed diapers? This is entirely up to you because some are not very comfortable in regular diapers and would rather use a pull-up diaper instead.

Side and leg protectors

These will prevent side and leg leaks. Diapers with added “ruffles” or side control channels are bound to make you feel safer and leak-free than regular diapers.

Odor and moisture control

A diaper that’s soaked with urine tends to smell and will be damp against the skin, causing rashes and irritation. Thus, an overnight diaper with odor and moisture control is perfect for nightly use top avoid smells and to keep skin dry.

The Benefits Of Using The Best Overnight Diaper For Adults

Using the best overnights will not just keep you dry all night but will also help you get more sleep.  A diaper that leaks and has poor liquid capacity will only lead to wakefulness and interrupted sleep.

So as much as possible, invest in the best cloth diaper or best adult disposable diapers for a good night’s sleep and good overall health and wellness.

FAQ Best Overnight Diaper for Adults

Can incontinence and wearing an adult diaper happen at any age?

Yes, some young adults also suffer from incontinence. Some require an adult diaper to wear after surgery or a medical condition. Older adults need this kind of diaper to keep dry and comfortable, especially at nighttime.

Can you wear overnight diapers to work or as you commute?

Yes, you can. Most absorbent adult diaper brands have products that are easier to wear all day long. Some are thinner but are more absorbent to hold more liquid and are not just used overnight.

How does odor protection in diapers work?

A layer of fragrance is found at the core of the diaper, and these are activated when urine is deposited in the diaper. This fragrance lasts for as long as the diaper can hold the liquid amount.

Final Verdict

From our best overnight diaper for adults list, you might be a good idea about what is the best overnight diaper for adults. Among them, the Solino Incontinence Underwear Overnight Diaper is the best. These are spill-proof, versatile, and will keep users drier and more comfortable at night.

It’s best for people who suffer from incontinence and who want to sleep comfortably without any worries. It requires washing because it is a cloth diaper, but it’s efficient, economical, and easy to use. And if you think that the Solino Incontinence Underwear is best for you, check this product out from this link.