You Should Keep Out 11 Common Food Trying To Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight can be quite difficult struggle, because for this Changing your lifestyle and eating habits. When you are trying to lose weight fast, you want to know what can eat & what can not. You should know one wrong move and you can`t success on your destination.

You might be know that, eating healthy and exercising is a great start for a weight loss plan, but maybe it`s not enough to weight lose. There are lots of packaged foods containing hidden calories in grocery stores.

If you trying to lose weight fast you have to avoiding certain pretty common food and if needed talk to your doctor to help lose weight.

Here are 11 common food that you should keep away if you trying to lose weight fast.


When comes to energy in your body, pasta is work greatly. But most of them are easy curbs they get processed by your body rather swiftly. Sending the blood sugar of your body on that roller coaster ride that all dieters dread.

You do not have to completely avoid pasta. Simply you just limit it to the whole wheat varieties so you get all the nutrients without any sugar spikes.

Fried Potatoes

Potatoes are the most-often consumed vegetable around the world and most of the Americans eat this vegetable as french fries.

Unfortunately, A 2011 study published  in the New England Journal of Medicine, to weight gain french fries are a major contributor. This study looked at the foods most often associated with weight gain and found that those who ate regularly french fries, more than 3 pounds weight gained over a four-year period.

Potato chips are not much better. So better you are off eating fried potatoes if you want to lose weight fast.

Red & Processed Meat

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To lose weight you should avoid processed meats such as bacon, sausage and hot dogs, and red meats carry in body a lot of healthy nutrients, like iron and  vitamins A, D and E. These types of meat each can add an extra pound every four years, according to the authors of the 2011 NEJM study.

They are high in fat, during processing adds calories and can be packed with sodium. So, when you want to include them a limited portion in your diet, just make sure about choose the lower fat cuts.

Sugar Free Products

Sugar free products can be lower in calories,  but they may have alternatively unhealthy sugar. Some studies have found that your body can actually process fake sugar as if it were real, increase your insulin levels.

There are various sugar alternatives and each carry their own risk. So if you don’t want to gain weight do the research and know what you are consuming.

Salted Nuts

Salted nuts can be your biggest enemy, though nuts are a great protein source. You continue to reach in  the can for handful after handful & before you know it, you have consumed more than your regular portion of calories.

You still have to observe your intake with unsalted nuts, but they are better for you and you are less perhaps to continue for eat them mindlessly due to their lack of sodium.


When you engage in a night or weekend of binge drinking, can pack on the pounds low calorie alcoholic drinks. On top of the extra calories, alcohol also overlook to inhibit good decision making; every time causing you to choose deep fried foods over salads.

Tropical Fruit

When trying to lose weight fast Fruit is a great choice for snacks, but they can have hidden calories. Tropical fruits are high in sugar particularly. Mangoes and ripe pineapple are savory but they should be eaten in moderation.

When shopping for fruit, look for different type of soluble and insoluble fiber. Apples are an amazing alternative because they’re lower in calories and packed full of fiber. Eating an apple a day will really keep the doctor away.

Canned Soup

It is handy to open a can of soup for lunch or dinner, but this task can help to pack extra pounds. The reason soup lasts almost forever is because it’s loaded with sodium.

When you consume high sodium foods, our body has a difficult time determining. When it’s full causing you to eat more than you should or be hungry relatively lightly after finishing your meal.  At least buy the low sodium kind,  If you want to eat canned soup during diet.

Salads of Restaurant

When you are trying to lose weight fast,  ordering the salad might seem like the smart choice of action. In fact, if you had just ordered the burger than you may be eating more calories with your salad. With unexpected calories packed the dressing of salad.

In the top of salad can include some hidden calories, with dried fruit and nuts may gain your weight Unwittingly. But you have to be conscious about low calorie dressing option and be cognizant of what toppings you include.

Whole Fat Cheese

The problem with this product of dairy that it does not take much to go overboard. Only one ounce which is the size of of your thumb and this is the recommended serving size and most people consume way more than that in one sitting.

If you are trying to reduce weight much better you are off buying and eating individually wrapped low fat cheese sticks.

With Oil Tuna

Tuna provides you with a good amount of vitamin C, manganese and zinc, but it gives you lot of fat and also packed it in oil.

When you picking up the canned tuna, make sure about the ones that are packed in water, so you do not go off course with your weight loss.

At The End

Of course, all the time you can not eat perfectly, but better you eat overall. The more improvements you will make toward your goal of losing weight and getting in shape.